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Here are two renderings done in nXt and Cycles (the one with informations stamp). Personally I like both :D nXt did it (1024X768) in about 3 hours and 25 minutes, whilst Cycles needed 1 hour and 3 minutes (for 1000X600). nXt has better overall quality (to my eye), it needs longer time to clean the image's grain though. (done on machine with Athlon X4 640 at 3.00GHz with 4GB RAM WIN7 64bit). Possible solution to this speed handicap may be the use of GPU in rendering calculations... ;)


Please don't ask where is the wood material in nXt image :) I forgot to assign the bitmap...

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Geroge... puedes compartir el modelo... para intentarlo, compre un nuevo equipo y me gustaria probar! Saludos...

Sure Jorge, send me an e-mail address

Nice image,  How many passes, resolution, engine?


Thanks Alejandro.

Passes done in nXt somewhere about 750, resolution 1024X768, engine path tracer (nxtengine 1 I think). Regards.




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"Good catch."
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Albert D Hart's discussion Fractal Trees vs Images for trees
"nXt doesn't really work like that-- all of the objects need to be taken.  An object which is hidden from view may show up in a reflection, a shadow, refracted through glass, contribute to diffuse reflection of light in the scene, etc..…"
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"One oddity: nice green leaves of summer together with some melting snow islands on the grass and elsewhere. Except the tree is some kind of evergreen which I can't recognize. ;)"
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"Sounds like good method... something I need to look into as I've never used tree images. Assuming I want to continue working the old way using only fractal trees... Does AutoCAD and AccuRender take time to calculate trees hidden by buildings…"
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"Maciej, hello, very good results, and ask how to get the car? THX."

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