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i am now using autocad. i can draw well with it and render but i dont know how to draw a staircase. please help me.

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Go online to the many 3d model web sites, download a few stair models that fit your needs, and study the modeling approaches.  Study the different combinations of stair an riser dimensions, the heights of the hand rails, spindle designs, etc.   Also , you didn't mention if the stair case is circular, straight  etc.  They are all out there.

thank u Rich Rosemann

btw, When I want to find specific objects modeled in 3D, I usually go to Google and type in something like "Autocad 3d models stairs, or chairs, or etc."  Then go surf.

3d stairs link.

Most I just draw a 2d section of the stairs and extrude to the width of the tread. For spiral stairs I work from plan and model the individual treads and move them into position.  For elliptical stairs I employ 3d party softwares like Revit architecture with the help of friends. 

same stairs


thank u

I still use Facade 3.1 to draw my stairs. I got it and acad 2002 running on my Win 8.1 64 bit machine.


Use to have that, will it work with autocad 2007? Can it draw elliptical stairs?
Is it still avalaible?

AC 2002 was the highest I could get it to work on. I think it does most stairs but I don't remember. I don't get much call for stairs around here. Land of the single story ranch around here.

The only bummer is none of the slide libraries work so I don't get to see what I building until after I build it. 

>>I still use Facade 3.1 to draw my stairs. I got it and acad 2002 running on my Win 8.1 64 bit machine. >>

Hi Kevin,

How exactly did you do that, I mean, to make AutoCAD 2002 to run on 64bit system? It was one of the reasons my wife's machine has now 32 bit system, as her architectural application runs on AutoCAD 2004, which I was unable to run on 64 bit Windows 7 (had no result setting compatibility to run as Windows XP SP3 or lower versions of 32 bit OS). Do you run Acad 2002 on some virtual machine like Oracle Virtual Box or VM Ware? I'd tried Oracle's solution, but AutoCAD 2004 didn't work there. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

I did nothing special other then had it run the compatibility wizard (or what ever its called).

This is my first new pc for some time and I'm new to win 8 or this 64 bit thing  : )

I was able to get 2004 running , but everything past that (- 2011) had bugs and wouldn't authorize. I own and have the codes from my last good install on xp. They all failed. but they all start, they just want an authorization code. 

I think you were somehow lucky, as I couldn't make AutoCAD 2004 run on any of my office's machines (4 of them) and on wife's laptop (all running WIN 7 64bit) by any means, even in compatibility mode. :(




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