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Interior Lightning... in progress. I need to improve my renders, I can't get a photorealistic result yet, so advices are welcome.

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Not that bad at all. A few things i can tell you:

choosing the right material is one of the key things.The coffee table needs a better wood texture and some reflection. The carpet looks like it has no material attached at all. Same for the dining table and sofa. Study photographs and real furniture to see the effect of reflection on certain materials. Many materials have reflection, even a "teeny weenie" little bit. 

The fold of the curtains needs some improvement.

The proportion of the chairs and dining table looks odd (too small)

Add some props like magazines or a plant to your rendering.

Add a backdrop.

And last but not least: don't listen to my advice ;-)

You're right about materials, a real pain in my head... I used an arroway texture for the coffee table, including a bump map and a specular map, but probably I haven't adjust them correctly. In addition, I can only use free version.

The carpet is being frustrating, I have a lot of carpet textures, but I dislike all of them, and you're right again, I MUST change it too.

Don't worry about the fold of the curtains or the scale of the table and chairs, I haven't problems with models, but I used a very poor one for this render because I just wanted to practise with materials and lightning. However, I'll change that too next time.

I'll add a backdrop and I'll change materials to improve the scene, thanks for your advices ;)

PS. What about lightning? I've just used interior lightning preset, should I change something?

The lightning looks fine to me. Hdri lightning may be a good solution but i have difficulties to control the final result by using them, so i stick with sky and sun lightning. Maybe other members can give you more advise on that issue.

Also, try to change the scale of the materials. Try different settings and use region render too see the result. Arroway textures are the best but you need a high resolution rendering to see the full effect. For wood textures, i look for seamless wood pictures with more contrast. Adding some reflection and a little bump is all i do. If you can afford the rendering time try a displacement map for the carpet, but again, try different settings for the displacement. There's a lot of information here about that issue. here are some carpet textures that are usefull.

I'll try it, thank you ;)

Great start!

Jan has some great points. You need to :

- Get the flooring and wall materials right. The Flooring parquet will have a sheen if not a reflective feel. Check the interior album on my profile, theres a living room and kitchen.

- Your curtain effect is great,try to get some texture or detail the curtain such as a lining at the bottom of the curtain as in real life.

-Same with the Sofa and table textures which are close to the cam.

- Compared to the rest of the furniture, the dining set looks a bit weak, if you have, use a better model.

- I would also slightingly shift the camera to also some of the ceiling but thats a personal touch.

The best example of superior quality interiors are from Peter (Milners) latest furniture range catalogue - the stuff is exquisite!

Once you get overall all feel right in the scene, then you need to really do some detailing like skirting, table clutter,indoor plants etc.

I always like to throw in a plant to cast shadows in these type of scenes to add depth.

I'm agree with you, I'm going to change the dinning next time. I failed again with the Sofa, I used a leather texture, but it still looks like it has no material attached. I'll agree a bump map.  Jan was right, maybe I should use displacement with the carpet.


this is an example of a leather texture. Maybe you can use it.


Models can be gotten here, free of charge.

Still working :P


More advices, please? :P

Hi, great ! Did you to tag the glass plate of the table, in first plan, as "thin" in the property panel of nXt?

No, I didn't, because that plate is made as 3D solid. I only marked as "thin" the glass off the windows, that are made as 3Dfaces.





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