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So we ran a rendering for what ended up being 150 hours and came across a massive glitch or bug, I'm not sure what happened at all. It was a single task 1500 pass rendering so it shouldn't have taken nearly that long to begin with. So I grew suspicious there was an issue, upon completion I checked the image out and somehow even though multiple tests were run and the rendering showed fine in the nXt render a material bled throughout the entirety of the rendered image at approximately 6 feet up and angles to about 6.5 feet.

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Logging probably wouldn't help here (even if it existed).  This is the sort of situation where the software likely will not realize it has a problem-- but just go on crunching merrily away.  

You can pursue this the normal way, start with sending images (reduce the res if necessary) and explain how you got them-- res, render engine, farm specs, etc..  I have to warn you that farm problems are notoriously difficult to debug or even reproduce.  (Your best bet is always a reproducible problem.)  We have very few farm users so the thing tends not to get scrubbed as well as some other aspects of the software.  OTOH we do have a few users who have had good success with the farm.

Alternatively you can try to modify something you suspect might have caused the problem.  For example, render time is usually proportional to the total number of pixels (width * height of image).  If the slowdown is more drastic than this it may be caused by a machine on the network running out of memory.

If you're not already using the newer, hybrid engine, that may be a better way to go for you.  As many runs as you want can be combined using this engine.  If a run or two fails there's usually a salvageable portion.

Hmm, I figured a log wouldn't help much I just wanted a way to verify the problem that arose was not due to human error.  At this junction in time we're going to to be running the same rendering again using the accurender and the farm at a reduced pass count to see if the issue can be reproduced. If it is in fact something that can be reproduced I will as you suggested post further updates. In the meantime I will check into the hybrid engine, thank you.




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"OK, when i see something this good... using NXT i need to know your settings! lights, camera, and final rendering size..... and the time it took! Share details so we can all get better please. this is just to fantastic!"
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"Neither will make any difference to rendering speed and you'll be pushed to use 12Gb RAM unless you're dealing with extremely large and complicated 3D models. Ideally, use a graphics card that is recommended with your software such as…"
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"Peter Another question : Would you go for 12 GB RAM with a 2GB Video Card or 24 GB RAM with a Dual DVI 256MB Graphic Card ? Again, we're talking CAD/NxT/Pshop &  Indesign. Cheers"
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