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Hi, peaple, maybe somebody can help me , I M having a problem with the tree leafs whem it appear in first plane.

Many ligth blue squares are visible around the leafs,  whem it is against the background.

I try all possible ways to solve that, but I can`t find  solution.

I M sending the picture for better understanding.

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Try other trees from here. What I believe is the problem is maps for the leaves which the alpha path is not clear.

Make sure the Visible and the Refractive backgrounds are identical.  Easiest way to do this is to set the Refractive background to Visible.  If you still can't figure it out you can upload the model and I'll take a look at it.  Include any necessary comments.

Thanks Roy, I try the way you show me, but no success.

Maybe I have to do the configuration from the beginning, because the firt picture I do havent that shadows.

Thanks , Akinlolu but the tree I use is one that I download from that files.

I dont  know if that files could be corrupted when downloaded, maybe it can be an answer.

No-- it's not the tree.  Check the backgrounds.  Upload it if you still can't figure it out.

I upload the whole draw few minutes ago.

The Intensity setting for the Visible background has been changed to 0.7.  The Intensity for the Refractive background needs to match this in order for the two backgrounds to match. 

I've got the same problem, and I've seen that the reflection and refraction was set to 3.00.

I put them to 1.00 and everything is OK. But a transparency abnormality remain, that you can observe on my picture. Perhaps do I have to increase the refractive bounces, to get rid of that problem?...

Roy will increasing the refractive bounce also cure RPC's that halo?

Marc-- try increasing the refractive bounces.  I have to investigate why there's alpha if it can't get through (should be black, I think.)  It's possible the RPC thing is related.  Never was able to recreate it convincingly.


Will investigate and keep you inform. Will have to start a new tread for it I believe.

Roy, I let it cook this night, increasing the refractive bounces from 5 to 20.

Here is a  sample of what I get...




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