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Hi, peaple, maybe somebody can help me , I M having a problem with the tree leafs whem it appear in first plane.

Many ligth blue squares are visible around the leafs,  whem it is against the background.

I try all possible ways to solve that, but I can`t find  solution.

I M sending the picture for better understanding.

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Something's up here that doesn't make any sense.  I'll need to look at the model when you get a chance, upload it if you're willing.  Set it up so I don't have to fool around too much to see the problem.

Thanks, Roy. I make a dwg without the textures (too heavy), I verify that the phenom is reproducing, and I upload the file.


I did find a problem here-- although I'm not seeing it to the extent you are so there may some more.  I'll update soon.

A couple of issues in your model:

The Studio Brightness switch is checked.  That's not recommended for daylighting simulations.  That switch reduces the contribution of the sky by a factor of 20.  It's designed to make exterior HDRs resemble interior lighting for use in a studio.  

Also, the rendering is set to autosave once per pass.  That may slow things down quite a bit.

The "Studio Brightness" switch is an unforgiveable oversight of my part. As for the parameter setting of the autosave, I prefer a small increasing of safety... But it's true that I could set it to every 5 pass or more. Nevertheless, in exterior rendering, 1 pass brings more change than in interior, and so I can stop it when I want, and be sure to become the best quality.

Certainly not unforgiveable.  Just want to make sure everyone understands what it does and what it's really for.

You can, of course, set autosave any way you like.  It will slow you down to save frequently.  Again, just making sure everyone understands the trade-offs.

Thank, Roy, for your conscientiousness... And for the new build.

thanks Roy, you are rigth.

I use to background, 0.7 to refractive, reflective and visible, and the halo vanish.

Then I do the same with numbers between 1.0 and 0.5, and the effect was the expected.

So I will adopte this procedure for a new works.




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