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ok thanks!!!
i'm going to install the current build.
I have my product key.

You won't need to reenter the product key-- it will run just fine.
I happened to be cleaning out our office archive of old software and happened to notice that a major build update/release of Accurender 3 happened at build 231.

Apparently major bug fix and stable versions of AR3 happened at or around builds;
193, 231, 243, 257 and 265. Things calmed down around built 268.

How do we stack up against AR3 with AR5 in terms of functionality now that we are at build number 232?
I believe that with this new release, my tree editor thumbnails disappear, only icones are visible. Am I alone to notice that issue?
Marc, same here.
What's the report exactly? That when you save/create plants with the editor no explorer thumbnails are generated for the saved plants?
Any nXt plant thumbnails. Old or that I just created, no matter, any thumbnails of the nXt plants are visible, by windows explorer or from nXt or nXt plant editor... I can't see the trees that I want to put in my drawing, only icones, so I must open them with tree editor to see them.
32 or 64 bit?
Happens on 32 bit, here.
64 bits Win7
...same here: Can see thumbnail pics of materials and groundcovers - but no plants, when I save/create my own plants it is the same - no thumbnail pics.
Autocad 2008 with build 232 and winxp32-
Even with AutoCad 2010(Win7 32-bit OS), same here thumbnails for groundcover and materials, non for plants.




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"No, we still haven't written an interface for Bricscad 20."
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