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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

  • Added support for e4 on the render farm (updated the farm as well to 315).
  • Made e4 an "official" choice in the interface under Lighting->Advanced. -- choices are e0 (Standard), e1 (Path Tracer), and e4 (Hybrid).
  • I now pass a frame number to RPCs during animation.  This should make animated RPCs such as fountains work, but it's completely untested.  Let me know if it isn't working.

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nxtFarm64 does not work with this build

Did you update the farm to build 315?  Make sure you've followed the instructions here.

nope, i did the update, but its not working, am i the only one having this problem?

I'll need a little more info-- I assume this was working before?  How is it not working?  i.e. what specifically happens when you try to run a farm job?  Is it specific to a certain model, or is everything failing (try something very simple)?

Hello Roy,

Here are the details about my problem

As you can see from the images 1-4, I can run farm, I am doing it on 2 computers, and as you can see I am only doing it for 20 passes.

But, the problem is that there are no results, eve with just 20 passes and with several different models. As you can see from the image 4, the application is still running even after several hours, with a really simple model, and with only 20 passes.

I am not sure if this can help to point out what the problem could be.

Please tell me if you need more details.



image 4


Did previous versions work? and does this happen with any model, or is it model specific?  (Try something very simple-- like a sphere with no materials.)

It seems to be working,

Its just that i am under impression that it takes the same time as if rendering with one computer.

It could be that i was expecting it to work faster and did not wait long enough.

Thank you

Many factors can contribute to the speed of the farm-- including how much data you're sending around and how fast the network is (wifi can be very slow for copying files around.)  Placing even one slow computer on the farm can also greatly impact performance.  In general, though, yes it's faster with more computers.




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Render 1 copy (1)

This is a remake of one of Peter Milner's scenes. I dont have the file. I photo-matched it in sketchup and rendered in nxt render for autocad.I just retouched it and increased the resolution.
Dec 20, 2023
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Render 1

This is a remake of one of Peter Milner's renders.I dont have the file. I photo-matched the scene in sketchup and rendered with nxt render in autocad.I replicated it.
Dec 18, 2023
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00001 copy

An office render i did recently.Critics and comments are welcome.Its one of the frames of a walkthrough animation i did recently.I used sketchup to model, exported to autocad and rendered with nxt render.
Nov 22, 2023
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nxt render Course/tutorial

Good day Sir,I want to know the number of people that would be interested in a nxt render course because i plan to create one.Please send me a prompt reply if you are interested.Just sayHi am in.Checkout a walkthrough i just created recently with nxt render for autocad after modelling in sketchup and then post-producing in photoshop.…See More
Nov 5, 2023
"Good day Sir, Hope this message meets you well. I just completed a short walkthrough of an office. Its down here"
Nov 5, 2023
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"Is comotion still om progres? I need to make some moving parts in NXT!!"
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"Ok, give me couple of days, I'll try to work out the video tutoriał with mapping procedure. For free.. :) Regards, Maciej"
Mar 20, 2023

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