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This shows up and the drawing crashes back to desktop once NXT is loaded. Previous files not having this issue.

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Can you send me the model and I'll see if I can duplicate it here?



X-Ref files included in zip file

I can duplicate the error.

I'll see if I can track down the problem.

I shared your model with Roy, who told me that he has seen this happen when the file format is updated from one version to another without having nxt loaded to manage it's own data.  

He said that recovery was difficult, but one way to recover the file so that it could be used again with nXt was to delete the materials. 

I tried that, and after deleting all the materials I was able to load nXt with that model loaded. if that helps.

That was what I did too. 

Selected all objects and change its layers to zero which by default I do not assignment (as I assign materials by layers) materials to.

Then purge the drawing to remove all of nxt materials.

Take objects back to their rightful layers and reassign the layers.

Is there a faster way to do this?

Not that I know of.

Perhaps someone else who follows this forum knows a faster way to do it.




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"Roy, all I get from yours is a blue statue. However, George's works perfectly. Another question - is it possible to use the specular maps to change the properties of the different materials e.g. shiny shoes?"

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