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Having some issues with the nxt image editor. spent 24 hours on a rendering and none of the alpha channels came through. Also, I guess I just don't get the benefit of the background not being attached to the image.... the thumbnail shows it and I thought it came along with the .nxtimage format. Is there an easy way to solve this? without the alpha channels I can't use the transparency of the materials to place the background in Photoshop. HELP! I don't want to spend 24 hours to re-render this. Do I just have something set wrong in the original rendering?


attachment may not come through because of the size of 8mg



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Use the upload link to transfer the file and I'll check.

sorry, the .nxtimage is 8 megs and the upload isn't letting me send it, trying again.

Try zipping it first-- it's certainly not the size-- but it may not be on the approved file type list.

I just went to photoshop and the background. I think I had my channels set wrong. going to mess with it some more myself... first time I had problem like that so it must have just been the image and way I closed it.




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