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Hi Guys!

Help me how to fix the bitmap into panel. This is shade mode, it's fixed.This is rendering mode, it was not fix. Tell me why???

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make the pattern you want in one perfect cut out in photoshop,then assign it to the box as decal

Use nxt's mapping or decals to do this.  We don't match AutoCAD's perfectly, there are occasional discrepancies.

Honestly, I still do not know how to do decal, please help me. Thank you!

Check out the wiki for some step by step instructions.

The use of decals is very well hidden in the menu of course. I think that could be made easier.

Thanks Guys. I'll try.

Thanks Guys for advices!

But I have a question, why not display the decal on object in the shade that:

but in the render mode is ok:

this is decal image:

Help me pls!!!

AutoCAD doesn't have decals-- they can't display it.  If you use a material and mapping combination you might get AutoCAD and nXt to show the same thing-- we don't match perfectly but (usually) we're pretty close.




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