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We are raising the price of new licenses nXtRender (the new name for nXt) tomorrow. We will wait until the end of the day to give anyone who forgot to order a copy time to get the order placed. To purchase a new license for nXtRender, use this link: Purchase

If you want to continue to use your existing license, you can use it as long as you want, with builds up through Build 318, without having to purchase a new license or renew your existing license.

If you do want to renew your license for nXt or AR5, we are giving you an additional 30 days to decide whether to renew it now at the price of $120.00, or wait until later when you decide you want to take advantage of any new features, or new builds. The renewal price of $120.00 will be valid through April 1, 2013. For more information, visit Renewals

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Currently I have a license of nxt and I would like to renew nxt for the NxtRender. But I would like to get an idea of ​​when they would be implementing the new tools. If I renew now would be for one year and if it takes six to eight months to begin implementing the new tools really my subscription would be for less than one year.

Hi Al

This my have been answered earlier, but regarding the new builds and new features, what additional, or new features do you have in mind as the new software is developed?  Do you expect to release updates on a regular schedule, or as before, when Roy had something to offer?

I guess I won't be renewing my license for nXtRender since the renew license screen refuses to recognize my pass word and the "contact vender" tab sends me to a "Can't find that site" screen.  The renew screen refused my original password so I changed my password last night. The main screen "Sign In" recognizes the new password. 


HELP......Albert D. Hart.


You can renew your license fom this URL

Is it your Googe Wallet password which is not working?

If so, ask Google to seda new password.

All is well, again.  Sometimes I find it necessary to actually use my gray matter for than cushioning my skull bone.  Renewed and looking forward to the newer nXt (nXtRender).  Thanks


Hi Albert Im still waiting for a reply on the renovation and new changes for the new nXtRender and the time since I buy the renew and the new tool would be implementing.




You shouldn't expect miracles, but with Render Plus as well as Roy working on improvements we think you should see even more good things coming up then you have seen in the past. We just don't know what they will be yet.

Rich has just completed a neat little called Material Schemes - it lets you save all your nXtRender materials which are assigned by layer name in a file - e.g. Blue Pastel, or Red Rampage - and then reload it into the same model, or another model and make the same material assignments to the same layers. (This was suggested in another thread:

Not earth shattering - and I was hoping to have it ready to go before talking about it - but I think many users will find it useful to assign various Material Schemes to models easily.

When you renew your license you will get all changes for the next 12 months - and after that, of couse, we hope you continue to renew and continue to get and use the latest builds.

Material Schemes

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss happy about this one...........

This is the first time it happens, i purchased the new build lisance, but it still did not get released, is it known when we can expect the new build to be released.

There is a new build of nXtRender, 322, at this link: Downloads

To try out material schemes, you need to download version 322 of nXtRender.

See ths post in this thread for more information on Layer Material Schemes

On this page for renewal which is needed the CD key or the E-License Key?

Enter the CD Key if you have it.




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