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Hi guys,  I am actually using a  NVIDIA  GFORCE GT 520  video card and I want to buy a new video card to work witha Autocad and Nxt.  I am running Windows 7 64 bits.  I have an I7 with 32 GB. I d´ont want the best video card in the market but something suitable to work with Nxt.

With the actual video card sometimes I lost the visibility of some objects, or have big distorsions. Sometimes I have to restar the computer to see the objects again.

If the video card helps in render time much better.

Thanks in advance.

Merry  christmas and a happy new year with tons of work for all the Nxt community.

Best wishes.


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Thanks for wishes Alex, the same and much more to you! :)

Graphics cards do not speed up rendering process of NXT. They speed up 3d view manipulation though, like NXT walk about window or shaded view of model in AutoCAD or Sketchup. There are few rendering programs which use GPU for rendering, nxt is CPU based renderer.

I am looking for new card too, currently am interested in GTX 760 one. Its price/performance ratio is really good and it supports some of the CUDA supporting applications I use. For games I think AMD Radeon cards are better choice though ;)

Thanks George, I will take  a look to  the GTX 760.  




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