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Will installing the new nXtRender hurt my install of AccuRender NXT?

I am a little freaking out here. First I find out that AcurrenderNXT is now NXT Studio.  I go to the download page to get the latest version release of NXT and it sends me to a sign up page for NXTstuido for  a 30 trial? I look at the file name and it is  Ant64_0321 (last one i updated was ant64_0310). I need to know is this going to change anything in NXT that I am use to? Will this change my libraries or materials?? Is this new software or just an upgrade? Will my software expire after 30 days?


Very confused on what is going on here!


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Nope-- no changes.  Just install the update.  It will continue to work with your old license (forever.)

OK! scared me a bit. Worked fine! So is NXT STUDIO just a new name? i saw the post about updates to a new release and i am very confused. Do i need to pay for updates in the future? is the new version better in anyway?

nXt Studio is a potential new product and is something different-- it has nothing to do with what you just did.  It's currently free but in early development.  I'm going to change the title of this discussion to reflect this.

nXtRender is a new name for the current product.  The name will be consistent across a few different platforms.  (Currently, AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit.) It is changing management, and some policies will change.  Yes, you will have to pay for updates at some point.  A tentative March date has been set for this "major" version rollout.  I believe there's a discount being offered on new licenses right now for early adopters-- you'll need to check the purchase page for details.

So just to clean this up.....

Nxt studio is a standalone program for windows, and not related to the new nxtrender?

Under the download/buy - accurender nxt page - is the new build for nXt or all new together software with new 30 day trail which needs a renewal price.

Had looked at pricing page and........questions

All Renewals will be $120.00 prior to Mar 1, after Mar 1, they will be $240.00 - for the latest release and all releases for the next 12 months.  If I upgrade will my current ntx still work??? Can still use the old nxt along with nxtrender or does it override the old?

We are also offering an All-Platform license. (SketchUp, Revit and AutoCAD) This will be $320.00 for upgrade and renewal a the same time. A platform change, which also includes the renewal, is $240.00. So it may make more sense to get the all platform license - whichever works best for you. Does this mean that $240 or $320 will get me nxtrender for (sketchup, revit and autocad) using my current licensed nxt to upgrade from? Would like to get all 3 if I can but what do I need to get this price.

To buy renewal - there is no link - do you just request info my email listed or load trail and do it from there?

thanks Roy

Al will have to answer most of these-- I don't know the licensing details.  We haven't decided yet whether we'll permit side x side installations of old and new.  The March 1 deadline was also established a couple of months ago and may slide.




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