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Alright, I'm asking the question that seems to be a problem with a lot of people.  I am trying to get my glass to look as realistic as this picture (attached).  I am not sure if there are better ways to set up my model, but basically what I do is start with a floor plan and extrude the "glass" layer to the height I need it.  So I end up having an 1" thick object.  I am also trying to get my rendering to be as realistic as this image.  Any other pointers out there for additional items?

My company just purchased the full RPC license, so I better be set there as far as plants, etc. goes.

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Use the glass template material.  Change the IOR to 1.55.  

Give it accurate lighting to reflect (a well-calibrated HDRi or Automatic Sky, for example) and refract.

How do we know a well calibrated HDRi map?

A good/brief tutorial on the effect use of HDRi files in NXT would be highly welcomed too.




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"I am not sure how to proceed. Perhaps send me a new model and xref to try here, to see if I can duplicate this."
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"... both are checked. Object Color was shown but no material."
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"I get a material and a color to show up. Make sure Use Materials and Use Colors is checked:"
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"Hi again, my problem was not solved before. Meanwhile I worked without Xrefs and there was no time to try out other solutions. Now I have to work again with Xrefs and there is the same Problem in the latest version. I checked the license and it…"
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"No plans yet.  The new stuff is being designed to be much easier to port.  If I go that way, the first target will likely be Rhino for the Mac."
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"I've just been looking at a video fly round I built in 2003 on Accurender. It's great to see it's back. I don't suppose by the slimmest of chance you're going to build it to fit into the AutoCAD for Mac version are you?…"
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"Will do what I can to see if I can isolate a model, I've got one drawing we were going to use in our digital catalog that ultimately has been bypassed due to it continually being problematic, I think it would be a good jumping off point for the…"
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