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Comment by George Ioannidis on April 26, 2012 at 12:26am

One way to produce nice grass (or fur, or hair, or even fallen leaves or anything randomly and unevenly found in real world) - using particles or something (which is common place e.g. in Blender) - would be nice. But as far as I know AutoCAD does not support particles. I would say there may be workarounds for architectural stuff like this - things that people making Architectural renderings could need or like to have. Maybe some sort of "block spray" for "painting" surfaces with randomly scaled, oriented and rotated block of e.g. grass blades or leaves (from 2,3 or 4 alternative blocks for even more randomness). Nxt works quite well with model with high polygon numbers, so it wouldn't be a real problem to render scenes like that. I did some internet search and found lisp routine which can fill closed polyline with blocks.Unfortunately it works only with planar shapes, so it can't fill real surface. Gives some interesting results though and maybe of some different use. If you do a block of grass blades with applied material on it, you can gen something like this:

Model becomes really heavy and difficult to handle or navigate though. I think similar (and rather better) result can be achieved using nXt groundcover.

Comment by Yinka Gbotosho on April 25, 2012 at 5:49pm

I agree with you George. NXT is a fantastic program. I however wish we had more support with entourage and ready objects and perhaps routine for making fur, hair, grass and such like we have with Max and vray. What do you think?

Comment by Miguel Tano Adanes on April 23, 2012 at 2:50am

Really nice job George! Very effective representation!

Comment by George Ioannidis on April 23, 2012 at 1:56am

Thanks Marc. Working on this project (rendering part) I have found nXt to be mature product, delivering quality I like and need, its speed is good (I am not doing animations and am not professional renderer as well - so speed is not really a problem for me). Of course all this must be considered in conjunction with the price. And there are not many programs today (if there are any at all) which can deliver all that nXt does in such price level. Happy nXt-ing to all :D

Comment by Marc Chaumier on April 21, 2012 at 12:43pm

Nice Pictures George. I like the render when we see one side in the shadow and one in the sun. It's good with nXt plants. But when you have to put real plants in Pshop, it's more difficult cause you have to find plant with the same lighting, and in most of the case it don't correspond. This kind of exposition can give the most beautiful contrast, and subtility in the shadows areas, as we can see here.



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"The problem, like I said, was in the writing of the data to the farm.  That's done by the main product-- I don't really have any alternative."
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"Tile size is a material property in nXt.  You edit the material and specify the size of each tile in real world units.  The units in your drawing must be set correctly for this to work. Mapping in nXt affects only orientation, not scale."
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Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Peter Milner's discussion Reflective decals
"This is an update to the main, in-AutoCAD product.  It should fix the reflective decals problem-- I think (but I'm not sure) without updating the farm.  You must update the main product for this bug to be fixed. There is also a farm…"
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