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Can anybody tell me more about this new product - nXtrender? What exactly are the differences between old and new one? Does interface change? (any screenshots?).

For the moment I know nothing about it. The links on nXtrender website lead to old nXt galleries, documentation ect.

Youtube shows only nXtrender for Sketchup...

Does it mean the nXtrender is just the 318 build of nXt? If so, what changes can I expect in future versions and when?


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Just a name change at the moment.  Actual changes to the product will be happening this year and will be announced here.

Can you do a more formal contact or something? I just happen to have a simple question and looked at the Forum and saw this stuff about NXT and now NXTRender... and that i have only until march to keep my license up todate? That is not at all efficient for such a small communitty of users. PLEASE e-mail IMPORTANT CHANGES like the fact the software we use is changing.

We hope to send out a preview of some of the new things next week (it always takes longer to get things ready to install then we hope). These new features will make sense when you and other people on the forum can take a look, let everyone know what you think, nad offer suggestions for improvements.

You license will continue to with with your current build of the software (321 or lower) for ever, but sometime in the future, if you want to take advantage of new features you will need to renew your license. The "March 1 date it a chance to renew it for 1/2 price (just $120.00). But some people will wait to renew until they need or want one of the new features. (Rich, myself, and Roy plan to keep adding new features all the time - but you can wait to renew until you are ready to use them)

We hope to send an email to everyone on the forum and all purchasers next week giving more information about all this.

Yes please, will wait for email.....................

Mich würde auch mal der Unterschied interisseren zwischen der alten nxt Version und der neuen Version ab 1.März 2013. Wo kann ich das nachlesen?

Was kann die neue Version mehr als die alte?

Werden zb. Wolken am Himmel (cloud) unterstützt??


Erstmal Sie werden diese neue Featuren sehen in dem "nXtRender Batch"

Render Plus additions

Render Plus has developed many special features for the SketchUp and Revit versions of nXtRender. These will be added to the AutoCAD version over the next several months:

Some of these special features include:

Color/Material Channels

Color/Material Channels – this post processing feature lets you make changes to the color of a material after rendering, without having to change the material itself and re-render the entire model. For more information, see this video: Material Channels





Background Wizard


Background Wizard – This feature lets you scale, position and adjust the appearance a background image for your rendering – viewing the rendering and the background together and using drag handles to position the background. See the video: Background Wizard




HDRi Positioning

HDRi Positioning – Similar to the Background Wizard, HDRi Positioning lets yuu easily rotate your HDRi sky while viewing your rendered image to create the effect desired. See the video: HDRi Positioning




Post Processing Filters

Post Processing Filters – we will be adding standard filters such as Contrast, Sharpening, and Softening to the rendering engine so you can quickly apply them and automatically apply them to re-renderings.




Batch Rendering

Batch Rendering – The Batch Renderer is an “out of process” renderer which means that you can continue to use AutoCAD while the rendering is processing, or you can transfer the entire rendering to another computer.

Remote Rendering – by transferring the Batch Process to another computer, you can complete your rendering without using resources on your main computer. The computer which is used for rendering only does not have to be licensed for nXtRender.

 Hi Albert,  I already bought the new licenese,   I want to know when are we going to have some of the new features  working for the autocad version?  Specially the one that allows to transfer the bathc rende prorcess to another machine?. Thanks in advance.

Very Soon.

Every day Rich and I think we are ready to release one for people to look at, and then we find one more thing we need to fix first.




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Here's the latest version of the new stuff.  If you're interested, try it at your leisure and let me know what you find.  It's a work in progress, so please be kind.  We'll likely have some bugs and certainly have some missing features.******Some highlights:Standalone renderer which accepts input from Rhino, Sketchup, Obj and FBX.Plugins for AutoCAD and other CAD applications.Online material and plant…See More
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