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The Accurender Nxt Folder I just notices is no longer in window's Start Menu. So if I want to launch the Plant Editor or Material Editor I have to go to the installation Folder via Explorer. Why this development?

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I have the same thing here, although it doesn't affect me as I've made desktop shortcuts to both editors.

I'll add it to the next install that we post.

Can you that you would like shortcuts to?  Just the Accurender Nxt Folder, or would your like additional shortcuts to the Editors, Farm Monitor, etc?

It used to have shortcuts to the two editors.

The render farm installs its own shortcuts.

Is this a new install? I just upgraded within the last 2 week and I still have my start menu folder with the usual shortcuts - image editor, plant editor, material editor.....

We are using different software and I neglected to add the code to create the shortcuts when making the installs for the last few months, but any shortcuts that had been created from previous installs will still be there, as you are seeing.

Not true. I had shortcuts and a nXt folder that were both removed after one of the updates in the last few months. I had to manually create the shortcuts I'm using now.


  this shortcuts it have been there a long time ago, since build 318 now I have 349... you have to look for the shortcuts and bring then to the dektop.... easy job... try it...!

Yes, they WERE there. As has been stated above, they were removed in one of the recent builds. I can assure you that I have no shortcuts in my nXt folder nor anything in the start menu.  I had to manually create them since build 345/6. Currently on build 349.

well... go back and get then again...




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