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Has the ability to export EXP files been updated for the current releases of nXtRender for Revit 2018?  I was able to use this feature when I was using Revit 2012.  Thanks

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We've had very little demand for this-- not sure off hand.

We still support exporting to .EXR files in AccuRender nXt for Revit for Revit 2018.

Is that what you are referring to?

This is something else, Rich.  We used to support Piranesi software which allows you to create interesting fx with your image... haven't seen any interest in this in a long time.  Can't quite remember where our current level of support is for this in the AutoCAD product.

Thanks Roy. I'll look around for it.

So, the answer is that we don't currently support EXP files currently in AccuRender nXt for Revit 2018.


I found the location where the nXt product supports the export of EPS files for use with Piranesi.  The application nXtImage Editor provides an option to export a EPX file as a saved toned image.  "File", "Saved Tonemapped Image as..", Select the last option as "Save as type:" "Piranesi EPx file (*.exp)". I am able to import the file into Piranesi. The application seems to work reasonably well, but I am having a few problems.  I have not devoted a lot of time to troubleshoot. Some of the materials appear to be combined with others. In the case of a current test project,  Stucco on an exterior wall is rendered to match that used the materials selection for paving, "site - asphalt". There is no differentiation between the materials designated for a specific object.  When viewing the Material Channel, there is no differentiation or separation between the building wall (stucco) and the asphalt paving (asphalt).  I have tried changing the material selection for the paved area to be "site-sand" but the problem persists. I have done exhaustive testing to determine what might be causing the problem.

Thanks, Jerry

Like I said, the demand for this stuff has been extremely weak.  Yours is the first inquiry we've had in years, so the chance of spending any significant effort here to fix the problem in the current product is small. It does sound like the material channel is not being correctly written by the plugin product.  If it's a simple fix we may be able to get to it.  What host product are you using (e.g. Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup)?

I haven't added any Piranesi support to the product under development.  Haven't decided if I will yet.




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"I'm experimenting with nVidia's denoiser-- requires one of their GPUs.  Here's the original and denoised in the new Image Editor:"
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