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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

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Its amazing what nXt can do!

Without a virtuoso's hand even the Stradivarius violin would be just another one violin! ;)

and just for that ..... you will get another image...:D

nice bit of music......

Here is one I did ... inspiration from Oasis song title Cigarettes and alcohol...

Kevin , George have a drink on me..;)

I surely will Mike! Cheers!

Comments on the last image: Black label whisky colour looks weird. But it's quite OK, as it fits right with the overall tone of the image. Only empty wine glasses need much less IOR as glass. They start to refract light only when are filled with wine. Empty they react to light as thin glass, with just very slight refraction in their contour. See attached picture. Nice work though, as usual ;)

hi george

lumion is not  raytracing glass matrials are limited to what lumion can do to it ....not like vray  or more recently fstorm... it has always been lumion achilles any result like this is really really really good...but they are improving it all the time...NXT Beats them hands down when it comes to glass material.


Great work as always mr. Maki. Next time add more girlz :P


Are all these done with nxt?

lumion...3dsmax fstorm





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"Thanks. I can reproduce this, using these files. I'll see if I can track down the problem and fix it."
19 hours ago
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"...last file"
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"Hi, in attachment is am new example: Zeichnung_ohne Xref.dwg is the rout with elements, Rendering in Zeichnung_ohneXref.jpg...all is fine Zeichnung_Xref.dwg is a new file with the first dwg as Xref. Rendering in ZeichnungXref.jpg... no…"
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"I am not sure how to proceed. Perhaps send me a new model and xref to try here, to see if I can duplicate this."
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"... both are checked. Object Color was shown but no material."
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"I get a material and a color to show up. Make sure Use Materials and Use Colors is checked:"
Mar 16
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"Hi again, my problem was not solved before. Meanwhile I worked without Xrefs and there was no time to try out other solutions. Now I have to work again with Xrefs and there is the same Problem in the latest version. I checked the license and it…"
Mar 16
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