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Hi, I have a question to ask, excuse me show indoor effect should use what kind of lighting form? Preset lighting da is less than ideal effect.thanks.

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Check this out!


Use one of the two presets.  If you want to combine daylighting and artificial lighting see here.  Attach images or provide more detail if you want more specific comments.
Thank akinlolu olugboji and Roy Hirshkowitz, I'm learning indoor lighting effect, so want to consult, also asked you more guidance. This is my simple simulated indoor illumination, use is indoor illumination presupposition, whether want to express the nature, the true indoor effect require at indoor acquire artificial illume, natural light unhittable?

Place a 3D face over the window opening, assign a clear material to it, tag it as thin and daylight opening.

Then choose Interior with Daylight as your set up.

Then render for about 100 passes.

If you post the model here I'll have a look at it for you.

Here's what I get.
Tagging the object as a daylight source is unnecessary.  The interior daylight preset will take care of it.
Hi, Peter Milner, hello. Your indoor diagram is I want to study effect, my English is not good, you mean I didn't understand, I try to still cannot reach you have shown that indoor effect, is it convenient for you to the relevant parameter Settings screenshots show me? Or take your this file sharing, so I can download and try to do it, thank you.
Here's the model.
And here's a Pathtracer version.
pathtracer version could arise  a  tremendous  amount of  dots  ,It would take  a  unbearly  time  to  a  wanted picture ,oftenly ,I do not apply firstly.
Yes it takes longer, but the results are more realistic.

thanks . and the passes have a differently algorithmic  pattern   ,compared with  unpathtracer rendering.




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