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Is Comotion a separate download, or part of the nXt DL?

Using build 231 for nXt, but don't see where to DL an updated CoMotion. Thx.

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I pulled it from the download page-- at least until Daniel gets back to it. There is an animation button on WalkAbout which should provide approximately equivalent functionality.
I'll give it a shot. Thanks. Been away too long.
Let me know how it goes-- there've been some vague reports of bugginess here that I'd like to nail down.
Hallo Roy

Ea gibt innerhalb von AR5 den Befehl Walk about. Und da gibt es in Build 234 einmal Kamerapfad und Zielpfad. Dahinter steht bei mir "Nichts". Wann wird denn dieser Kamerapfad funktionieren oder läuft das jetzt in Build 235??
Wenn der funktionieren würde, brauche ich kein Comotion mehr.


Just had a little go with the animation.
I ran this one over the weekend.
The only concern I have is the exposure flicker near the beginning.
I tried turning the auto exposure off, but it seems to turn itself back on again automatically.

Nice. I'm pretty sure the exposure business is working-- I'll check though. There was some trace instability related to the Packet Tracer engine and interior daylighting that you may be experiencing.

What are you using to compile the animation?
I used RadTools to create an uncompressed avi and then used Movie Maker to create the final version.
I ran into the same flicker problem at the beginning of the animation. It to cleared up after twenty or thirty frames. I more or less assumed the problem to be the location of the sun at start up and changing directions to eventually clear up the flickering (or something). I also use Radtools to compile the movie. I havn't been able to test much lately.

Rich Rosemann
Hi Roy, I just created a small animation with nXt. Worked fine, camera path and target path. I just can't figure out where to set the file output format. By default I get *.pngs. Where is this setting hiding?
It's not-- nXt only produces png's for output. If you're looking for some way to assemble the pngs into an animation file I'd recommend Bink-- it's free and has one of the best encoders around.




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