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I just finished a 3D model; it is a shopping center with parking.

cars and all objects are rpc. if you freeze the layer where there are the rpc render me it does.

if I thaw the layer memory problems. any of you had this problem? how to solve it?

the configuration is the following:
windows 7 pro 64 bit
autocad 2010
nxt 318B 64
memory pc 8g

3d model with rpc layer thawed 


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don't use so many.....shed half of the cars....and you wont have memory problem


I try tonight

This is most likely not a memory problem-- it is a crash-- perhaps in the RPC code.  As long as you have swap file space available-- usually any free disk space-- you shouldn't run out of memory when using the 64 bit version.  It is possible one of the RPC objects has become corrupted.

I have a 1tb hdd, so I can increase the swap file size. How do I know which object is damaged rpc ????

are many: plants, people, cars .....

or I have to go to attempts?

i dont hink so roy....the more objects the more memory....

According to Micro$oft the memory limit of Windows 7 pro 64 bit is 192GB on physical memory. I doubt anyone could ever produce model that big. I remember one of my "heaviest" model I ever did with particle grass translated into mesh holding some tens of billion faces. nXt was able to render that, even on may machine with just 8GB of RAM.

 hi george i did a render 3 years a ago for harvester restaurant where i needed to show rpc people eating ,walking in ,standing etc....i could only put about 13 of them.....then i tried 15...i got the message roberto got....i took it down to 13 it worked.....i had at the time 8g of ram machine. i think its memory related issue....either autocad or NXT

Yeah-- something has clearly gone wrong.  It's just not running out of memory, though-- not in the old sense (which it could easily do on 32 bit systems.)

The user mode virtual address space limit on 64 bit windows (the statistic we probably care most about here) is actually 8TB or 8192GB.  All of that must be backed by swap file space which would likely be the limiting factor here.  That number goes up to 128TB on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server, BTW.

good morning
I did a bit of evidence:
1- I increased the page file windows to 25000 mb and kept giving me error
2-I split between layers in the parking lot (front, center back), and also render individually gave me error
3-I started to delete objects rpc for categories (percone, trees car).

  It seems that some people gave me error, in fact now I can do render around the car park full.

Thank you to everyone for the tips (due to the increase of memory for error rpc object), and if I have other problems I write. this is a big project after years of little work and I have to do the maximum

Listen to Roy, he's often right.




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