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Lately I was trying to complete simple 3D model with spherical map applied on it (earth globe model). In walkabout window and in Autocad viewport everything looks OK, but rendered result is wrong. I tried to change origin, to reset mapping position etc. without any success. What am I doing wrong? See attached screen captures. Advices from nXt gurus will be highly appreciated.


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Hi George! It is not the first time that I notice that the mapping looks good in Acad windows, or Walkabout, but the result after render in nXt is not the same (origin or orientation).

It seems more like a bug to me Marc. :(  I've checked my units and everything. Nothing unusual found so far though.

I thought I sent this reply already-- trying again.


It's likely a bug-- send the globe so I can check it out.  Upload link or attach to a forum msg.

File sent. Thanks, Roy.
How in heaven where you able to achieve this in Nxt since spherical decal is no longer supported in Nxt?

Meaning keep adjust till it about fits, right?





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