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We've just published an update of an old brochure with a mix of new and old renderings.

The old ones were done with Engine 0, the new ones with Engine 1. See if you can tell which are which.

Follow the link below and click on X-Range at the bottom.

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Peter Milner, hello, returning to read your PDF work, really enjoy each of your plans are very clear and bright, after reading your work, how to make the NXT rendering the picture such as the effect ofFigure the same clear and shiny, bright eye-catching you? Please feel free to advise, thank you.

... What a wonderfull ... wooooork!.... Bravo Peter. I was looking at the wooden chairs, and I see, when several are on the same scene, that noone have the same mapping... What a wonderfull work!!!!

I love to, the lighting of the scene! But, one question, do model all the furniture in autocad?

This is a wonderful work, congratulations Peter.

Excelente trabajo. No pued menos que aplaudir, lo que supongo fueron largas jornadas de trabajo, aunque se ve qeu valio la pena. Saludos

All the modelling is done in AutoCAD except the cushions on the working chairs which were digitally scanned.

Marc Chaumier said:

I love to, the lighting of the scene! But, one question, do model all the furniture in autocad?

Extremely nice work Peter!

Pages 9, 11 are the most outstanding uber works for me. Clearly the most superior interior works on Nxt today.

Page 21,23 are Special Mentions.

Pages 31,33 - Thats the best soft texturing I've seen on Nxt, ever.

Page 25, I really love that little sunlight patch on the rightmost chair - it will make an amazing thumbnail.

Page 37 - Phenomenal Shadows, Reflections and Contrasting non-lit areas.

I believe your tweaking of the materials and light control give even the most brightest colours a very realistic mature finish. In addition the carefully photo-matched backgrounds just seal the deal.

Queries :

- What machine do you use or is a farm and at what res? 

- Are all these Packet Tracer or Path Tracer?

- I know you told me the brand of the market tiles but unfortunately I cannot find the mail, which brand is that again (the little vertical pattern tiles)?

- The soft sunlight on page 37, do you play with the sun/sky settings to get such a nice faded shadow effect?

- Do you use get the soft translucent glass by adding your trick thin layer on top or by adding some sandpaper texture? (Page 9)


A very inspiring post! I will be updating Nxt on something I've been working on in a month or 2. 

Thanks for the comments everyone. It's not the most exciting subject matter as it's our basic range of furniture.

Hopefully we'll have something more interesting in the next few months.

I run these on a 12 multithreaded core machine (effectively 24 cores), but they still have to run over a weekend as they are A3 size at 300dpi.

Pdf pages 3,4,5,6,7,12,16,19 and 20 are all Path Tracer (Engine 1). The rest are Packet Tracer (Engine 0).

Carpet tiles are Interface or Miliken.

Soft sunlight is achieved by increasing cloudiness. I typically set it to 0.4.

For the translucent glass I used clear glass, set the colour to white, allowed surface roughness, set transparency and roughness to 0.9 and added a tiny bit of glow (the glow is cheating a bit, but it helped).

It's great to see what is possible with AccuRender and gives me something to aspire to...


Great work!




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