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Localized versions in Spanish, French, Italian and German.  These should come up automatically if you've got localized Windows (let me know if this mechanism is working)-- otherwise there is a language control on the Option DB.  The product is only about 85% translated right now, so you will still notice some English in the translated versions.



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Build 228 was intentionally skipped?
in spanish ...ok...but rpcs ?????

At this angle greater than 45 degrees I do beilieve the RPC's will show well unless they are the parking lot set of cars.

I don't have any open issues re: RPCs right now. If you've got an example of something that isn't working, I'll need to have a look at the model.
Last build I had the same repeating image issue with RPCs as qweqwi shows. My camera angle nearly straight on. I may have scaled it and figured that scaled RPC's don't work
Scaling should work fine. Something's up when that happens-- it's probably the RPC app itself-- it may not even be loaded-- but perhaps something on my end. Sometimes a little electro-shock therapy helps, like typing "render" first, then running nXt.




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"I'm not aware of anything... I don't have it here so I can't promise anything."
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Windows 11

Does anyone know if there are any issues with updating to Windows 11 for either nXt or AR Studio on AutoCAD 2022?See More
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"0296 is up-- includes New... options for light channels."
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"0295 is up, includes scale factor for preview image and stop after # passes.  Haven't gotten to New light channel option in Lights interface yet.  Check it out if you have a chance (no worries if not.)"
Jan 20
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Yeah-- I understand.  I just think you may find you have a similar problem in this new engine with trying to estimate how many passes will be good enough.   That can vary a lot. You're always going have some error, allocating…"
Jan 7
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"The problem is when I'm running several renders over a weekend. How will I know how much time to allocate to each one? I wouldn't want them to run for the same amount of time, as one may over-cook to no extra benefit, while another is…"
Jan 7
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"It's an easy feature to add, but I'm pretty sure with this new version you'll find a time constraint to be more reliable.  The rendering below is probably done already, with a noise filter, or close to it."
Jan 7

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