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Hello, I'm Enrico from Italy ( sooo please don't answer me too difficult ;) )

I've a problem in a house render. Some textures are full of vertical black lines on the solids faces. Look in the picture the wood, on the garage door and on the rock wall.

I think is a hdri problem but I'm not sure. I try to change the mapping or change the solids or change the textures, the effect remains.

Someone can help me?


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This is usually a precision problem caused by points that are too large or too small for the renderer.

First thing to check is your units-- make sure that they are what you think they are.  Use the AutoCAD _DDUNITS command and make sure that they are correct.

Second thing to check is your coordinates-- make sure your model is not too far from the WCS origin (0,0,0).  If it is, you will have to move your model and views closer to the origin.

Let me know if either of these work.

Ok, I know I have problem with units because every time I need to scale my textures at x-y 300 or 200.... so I will try this

Thank you Roy

...another thing Roy, how I can improve the texture of the yellow house wall?

It's not so bad for this render, I don't need the perfect immage, I use a normal jpeg texture


What don't you like about it?  I'm not sure I'm the right person to help you with this-- but someone should be able to.

Go through the gallery see something you like and ask how it is being done. You can also attach an image of what you like your rendering to look like.

Thank you Olugboji, I will see these good images 

Ciao Roy, I try to setting the units and coordinates 0,0,0 near the house, but with small improving, the problems are the same. Look the picture

It's not enough to put UCS origin close to your model. The model has to be MOVEd close to the absolute origin (world 0,0,0). :)

Ciao George ringrazio per la risposta ..... mi potete esplicativi, come fare?

now just I put the origin UCS in an angle of th house

Change the coordinates back to WCS and see how far your model is from the origin.  If the coordinates are large-- say greater than a few hundred meters, then you'll need to move the model.

Use the _MOVE command to select and move all of the geometry and any AutoCAD cameras closer to 0,0,0.  If your views don't use cameras you will have to redo them. 

You can also send me the model and I can take a look.  If it doesn't fit here as an attachment, you can use the upload link under the Support/Forum menu item.

Ho provato to move all the elements on 0,0,0 but nothing better. 

I load the 3D model

Just got your model-- as expected the model was located very far from the world coordinate system origin-- almost 6000 meters away.  This will not work.  To fix the problem I did the following:

  1. Switched the coordinate system to WCS using the _UCS command.
  2. Switched out of perspective mode to make the drawing a little easier to work with.
  3. Selected all of the objects and cameras in the model.
  4. Used the move command to move the model close to (0,0,0)
  5. Zoomed extents to see the model again.
  6. Used one of the AutoCAD cameras to set a perspective view.




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