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Hi guys,
I got one quick question about render that I'm working on currently. I got house which is lighted by sun + studio brightness. How can I make this wall in shadow brighter without adding another light? Any other suggestions or advices how to improve or make it more realistic requested. 
Thank you in advance,

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About improving, I'll add background of course :) Other advices requested :) thanks

The exterior preset  will do better for this type of scene.

Use indirect lighting.

Get rid of the sun at all, U may use a nice, calibrated HDRI image instead of. Indirect lighting will increase the rendering time signifantly, so I wouldn't go for it...

Post the dwg  file, so we can take a look at it. 

Powodzenia.  :)

beside the situation of lightning, a important aspect in arch-viz is "2-point perspective".

keep the vertical lines vertical.

Thank you very much guys! :)

this is my result :)

Would advice you reduce the scene to the basics like removing landscape elements like grasses, trees and stuff, and render only the building. When ok with results, then turn on all the bells and whistle. In this scene I love the grass, is it ground cover or a material. Shadows lacking too.

Thank you :) it's ground cover

Increase the cloudiness and  the sunlight... I usually use .5 for clouds and 2.0 for the sun for a typical exterior residential model. This will brighten and soften the shadows considerably. Also raise your ambient light to high with a setting just below one. If it comes out to bright you can always fix it post processing.

search for a better wood texture. The repeating pattern is kiling this rendering in my humble opinion.

did yo search here, or here ? " Seamless wood planks" in Google can do miracles also.




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