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In this image, the right hand wall is a floor to ceiling mirror.

When using the Path Tracer engine, the light from the reflected windows does not reflect in the floor.

When using the Hybrid engine, everything reflects as it should.

Is this a fault with the Path Tracer Engine, or is there a setting somewhere that I have overlooked?

I've tried switching caustics on, increasing reflective bounces for the individual materials and increasing overall reflective bounces, but with no luck.

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It's a shortcoming of the engine. Can you send the model so I can check the new engine? I'm 95% sure it works but would like to verify.

Yes, it works in ArStudio.

Any idea why the reflection has a misty look to it when reflectivity and sharpness are both set to 1.0?

Not offhand-- no.  Is the glass tagged as thin?  I'll probably need to see it.

No, it's just a solid with a reflective material assigned to it.

Not the mirror-- the window?

The window pane is a region tagged as Thin and Daylight Source.

There does seem to be something wrong-- can I take a look at this one?

Here's the

Thanks for this, it does seem OK.  I did change the glass material to refractive (IOR=1.5, Thin).  Just so you know, if your material doesn't have an IOR it won't behave like glass.

It's a remarkably complex illumination problem with the mirror, window, and glossy floor.  It always astounds me how users get to these difficult examples so quickly.

I'm going to try a run with the standard material you used (IOR = 1), to see if that presents any problems I need to address.

BTW, I'm not sure the difference in color between the two reflections is correct-- that's a complex bit of code that may need to be revisited.

The mirror appears to take on the base colour of the material.

This shouldn't affect it if reflections and sharpness are both set to 1.0.

Also, the ceiling lights don't appear to be working.




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