AccuRender nXt

advanced rendering for AutoCAD

We have been using Accurender 3.1 in autocad 2006 uptill now

Now we like to shift to nxt for rendering

Can some one help us on ...


1, How do I get materials, lights, plants. Old accurender 3.1 library with my customisation, and New accurender nxt libraries.

2, How do I use RPCs, a friend has given me his RPCs for start, but I am unable to use old RPCs. How should I proceed? Are these different from others? Is there any RPC library for nxt? Can I customize my own RPCs?

3, My models are mainly plines with thickness and width plus 3dface and solids. when rendering with nxt, all sharp edges of plines get rounded like you fillet the solids. How to control this? do we need to change some variables?

4, During rendering any xclip block does not clip and renders as a whole block


Please, can someone help on these issues?

Thank you..

Abdul Majed Khan

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I can answer some of your questions:

At the top of the nXt palette there is a cogwheel symbol. Click on it and you should see an option -Convert Legacy AR Material Library. This will update your old materials to nXt.

It won't change the original mlib file in any way so don't worry. nXt materials are stored as individual files in a folder similar to image files.

To use RPCs you need the correct AutoCAD plug in. Do a search here for RPC. I think there may even be a tutorial.

Polylines with thickness are not supported in nXt. Model with solids, 3D faces, surfaces and regions.

Do a search for Xclip. The subject has been discussed before.

There is a Faceted switch in the Object Properties page which may fix your problem with polylines.  Polylines with arcs are no longer supported.  XClip is not supported.  Here are some resources which may help with some of your other issues (just click on the links.)


Legacy material conversion.

Using Archvision RPCs.

The plants article has a section on legacy plants.


Lots of new nXt stuff is available on this site (see the Download menu options.)  Additional nXt content, maintained by others, is available on





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