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"I thought when i purchased the original NXT Accurender, I would be a life member and not have to renew."

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You can continue to use the existing builds (nXt - up to Build 318) with you nXt license indefinitely. If you are happy with the engine and features you have there is no need to renew.

(Unless, of course, if Window or AutoCAD changes in such a way that the older versions of nXt or AccuRender will no longer work.)

You only need to renew if you want to receive the new nXtRender - which is a new release. In general there will no more releases of nXt, after Jan 1, 2013 unless there is a big problem we need to fix.

All new features, bug fixes, etc. will be placed in the new nXtRender product, and to use the new nXtRender you will have to renew your license. Each renewal is good for all new releases and builds for 12 months. If you want to continue to get new releases after 12 months you will have to renew again.

For more details, See: Purchase and Renewal Options

Let's suppose I renew. You'd wrote that renewal is good for 12 months. Will the current version (last update) continue to work after those 12 months or will it stop until I pay new renewal and get new code? In other words if I'll not renew my licence then, I'll have to return to build 318?

After 12 months, you can continue to use any versions released within 12 months of your first renewal - indefinitely - or until sometime when you decide there are enough additional new features that you want to renew again - and your 12 months will start again.

(Also, if you have to rebuild your machine after the 12 month period, we can usually find an older version for you to download which will work with your license.)

Can someone please answer the same question above for renderfarm....

Will my current up to date renderfarm version work with the new NXTrender?

The render farm is still sold by McNeel-- I don't think any policy or pricing changes are planned.  It already works across multiple platforms, including Flamingo.

Really happy about that, got my render farm working like a horse, would hate to change it.

So render farm with just stay the same with builds every now and again.

Will renderfarm work for  All-Platform ""nxtrender"" software. (SketchUp, Revit and AutoCAD) ?

The RenderFarm will still work for you.

And it will work with the All_platform license - the RenderFarm already works with nXtRender for SketchUp and nXtRender for Revit.

How big a farm do you have set up?

(Some of our SketchUp users have tried just 1 or two, computers for a Farm, and haven't really saved much time on renderings.)

Hi Albert nice to meet you.

Great - I'm a big renderfarm fan.....................

Have (3x i5's) (4x quads) and 2 older amd computer. 9 total

Works great.

Only isuess at this point are.

1. Time needed to add files together into one nxtimage file on "image farm render".

2. No quick check jpg image for image farm render like "batch" does . need to play and add slices with nxtimage file see results. 

3. No selection for which machines go first to take job. sometimes I'am left with a less powerfull computer doing the render when strong ones lay idel.

4. Still working on animation tests.

5. ar4 plants have been an issue, hate looking up the materials when they have images as base.

But all the same very happy.

One "trick" for number 3 is to make sure you have more slices than computers to that no one machine hogs a whole job. If you have 5 computers, we recommend using 2.5 times as many slices as computers. (12 or 13 slices for 5 computer) That way the slow machine will be working on just one slice while the faster ones process more slices.

Thats a good one, always been foucus----ed on the passes and never questioned changing slices, always gone with what the program said.

Thanks mate, got a render now, will try.

Is the term for renewing 1st of march or 1st of april? Is google wallet the only way to buy the new license? What if i needed an invoice for my license? Thanks in advance.

We are going to extend the $120.00 renewal through March, to give people more time to act.

If you want to pay by Wire Transfer, we can send you an invoice with information.

If you want to pay by PayPal, we can do that to, and also we can send you an invoice with an option to pay through the Intuit payment network.




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