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Latest version of AccuRender Studio is here.  Among other changes:

  1. ArStudio command automatically loads the model and begins interactive rendering in addition to bringing up the Control Panel palette.
  2. Decal interface has been redone to include multiple decals and cylindrical projections.
  3. Legacy data is being handled a little better.

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When opening materials from file, nXt goes to the previous location, whereas ArStudio defaults to a strange network location (I think it's the original download folder where the program was installed from) and I have to navigate through several folders each time to get to where I want. Is there a way to at least change the default location?

Great feedback-- I'll look at these this week and early next.

Just uploaded build 0292-- should address many of these issues.  Let me know when you have a chance to try it.

Okay. I've installed the latest version.

Still can't change lighting values by typing in - have to use the up-down arrows. The value box does now display properly.

Still have to select object first before clicking on "Tag object as light" button.

Can't see how to add lighting channels.

Material previews are now showing. However, it's much harder to see the texture on the widget rather than the old sphere/cube/slab in nXt. Also, it would be useful to be able to change the scale of the preview image.

Opening materials now defaults to previous destination.

Is there any way of having more than one bump map in a material?

Scale of sandpaper texture seems to have changed. What would be the equivalent of the old scale 0.5?

Type-in is certainly working here-- so is picking objects to tag as lights-- both pickfirst and not.  Not sure what's up.  Do you have an older version of AutoCAD you could test with? 

There is a right-click on the Material Previewer that lets you apply the material to the floor plane.  I'll add a scale factor and make sure the floor setting is persistent.

Single bump maps only.  People typically use a blended bitmap for more complex effects.  Sandpaper doesn't work as well as it used to, at least for matte materials-- the noise filter has trouble distinguishing it from noise artifacts.  

Type-in - If I highlight the number, the highlight doesn't stick. If I click anywhere in the value box, the the cursor doesn't stick. It just disappears.

Tagging objects as lights - when I click anywhere in the Studio palette and then move across to the AutoCAD space, my cursor stays as a mouse pointer rather than reverting to the AutoCAD pickbox. This also stops me from dragging materials directly onto objects.

Unfortunately I don't have an older version of AutoCAD. It's possibly something to do with the new floating windows feature in AutoCAD 2022. 

Blended bitmaps - So if I create a blended material and put the second bump map in the second material, this should work?

I just got 2022-- it's working fine here for type ahead and selection.  You often have to click twice in AutoCAD in order to get the pick cursor, etc.  The first one shifts focus.  It's been a known issue in AutoCAD for a while-- I'll see if there's something I can do.  The type-in thing is still a mystery to me.   I'll investigate the floating windows.  Are you using those?

Blending two materials with different bump maps should work.  Also using photoshop if you want to blend two bitmaps into a single bump works as well.

Found it-- it's not working properly if the palette is docked.  For now if you drag the AccuRender Studio palette and make it floating everything works.  I'll see what I can do.

Yes, that works now, though a bit glitchy.

Dragging and dropping materials doesn't work (is it supposed to?).

Reliance on the noise filter does concern me a little.

A lot of my work involves wood grain and fabrics, both of which can have varying degrees of texture which affect the way light is reflected.

With the noise filter off, are renders likely to take the same amount of time as nXt Path Tracer, or longer?

Pretty much the only thing sacrificed has been the sandpaper bump, and even then only in certain circumstances.  Everything else is preserved nicely including any random noise you add to color maps. Hard to say on performance without the denoiser, it will be highly rendering dependent.  The new engine is much better at multithreading, but it does process more noisy light pathways which can potentially add noise (but also quality.) 

I suspect it will take a lot longer without the noise filter.

These similar renders ran for 5 minutes each. nXt performed 127 passes and Studio performed 344 passes.

Incidentally, is it possible to set a render running to a certain number of passes rather than time?

Using time makes no sense to me because you can't predict how good the result will be. One render may only take a couple of hours to resolve, whereas another may take 10 hours or more.

However, I know that 3000 passes in nXt gives me a high res print quality image.




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test 7 pass 515 (1) (1)

"Good start. Glass windows need some reflections , they look too plastic and dull. What are those white lines under the building? Parking lot for skateboards? ;) Shrub fence on the right needs revision."
Jun 30
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test 7 pass 515 (1) (1)

My first exterior render with accurender
Jun 20
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coastal chic final

"Looks really good. The glass table material is more than convincing."
May 24
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coastal chic final

My first major render with accurender studio and autocad.
Apr 29
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"Really nice work-- is the modeling done in AutoCAD?  If so, consider creating a gallery of your work and submitting this photo.  Photos have to be approved, but generally speaking work of this quality will be. For some of your original…"
Apr 25
OYEBANJI EMMANUEL replied to OYEBANJI EMMANUEL's discussion Questions on problems encountered with accurender studio
Apr 25
OYEBANJI EMMANUEL replied to OYEBANJI EMMANUEL's discussion Questions on problems encountered with accurender studio
"Good day Sir, I just updated accurender studio to the latest version and found out that most of my questions have been answered. I can see the increase in speed, the update speed, material library ui and the speed of the rendering. Please Roy, keep…"
Apr 25
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Questions on problems encountered with accurender studio

1.Have you released a version that can accept jpeg ?2.Is the speed of the last version you created, higher thanthat of the first version ?3.Why cant we easily update to the latest version ?4.Why cant we use the background function to place things behind the windows for interior rendering ?5.I must really commend you because this software has a futureand if improved upon, can become the best rendering software inthe industry. I currently use vray for my production and willlike accurender studio…See More
Apr 22

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