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We're up to Build 0082.  This new major release of the AccuRender and nXt product line now includes a plugin that works entirely within AutoCAD just like previous versions. It's got a ton of new features and is available for free for a while.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

See the Download->AccuRender Studio menu items for more details.

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Is there going to be the option of using ies files?

I think so-- that would also work for this.

I posted 0086, which changes the light distribution somewhat-- so that 25% of the light is distributed diffusely (beam angle = 120) and the rest at the specified beam angle.  The results seem to be pretty good-- I'll make this user configurable if I can figure out how to explain it to people.

Call it "Diffuse Glow" and make it a tick box on the light setup dialog box.

I forgot to mention window glass properties that will negatively impact performance--

  • Not using the Thin checkbox and modeling glass as a solid
  • Using a bump map of any kind
  • Using surface roughness

It's fine to do all of the above when you need to.  They all work, they just take a little longer to converge.

The Farm is now working.

This one ran for 40 minutes (80 cores).

Will there be an option for running renderings for a certain number of passes rather than by time?


I can certainly add passes as a constraint.  I did this to keep it consistent with the cloud stuff, where I won't be adding passes since everyone is billed by time. Passes, BTW, are called Samples per Pixel in the Image Editor.  You can check that number to see what's reasonable (which may be significantly different than past engines.)

Check out a product called Neat Image when you get a chance.  It does a really nice job removing residual noise. 

Something has gone wrong with the direction of lights.

I set it to 0,0,-1 and it keeps reverting to 0,0,0 and no light is being emitted from the source.

Okay, I've changed it to "Down" which seems to work.

I'll check into this. I may ask for additional steps to recreate.

0087 should take care of this.

Here's a direct comparison between nXt and Studio with all the correct settings.

nXt ran for just over 22 minutes with 2000 passes.

Studio ran for 23 minutes with 6443 samples.

My two concerns are: the graininess of the image and the jagged outline round the lights.




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Roy Hirshkowitz posted a discussion

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Starting a new thread...Latest version of AccuRender Studio is here.  Among other changes:ArStudio command automatically loads the model and begins interactive rendering in addition to bringing up the Control Panel palette.Decal interface has been redone to include multiple decals and cylindrical projections.Legacy data is being handled a little better.See More
Nov 19
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Thanks Roy. That did the trick. I just have to wrap my head round the logic behind it."
Nov 11
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Here's how you adjust the overall transparency--  Edit the Decal material in the Material Editor. Go to Opacity and change it to 0 using the slider (I may do this automatically at some point). Edit the Opacity Map (not the Color Map) by…"
Nov 10
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Strength is supposed to do that-- I'll verify.  I'm working on a few things right now-- should have a build for you by tomorrow or so.  Some legacy items are not persistent, including materials (you should only need to have the…"
Nov 10
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Also, when I reduce the strength of the decal, instead of becoming transparent, it becomes grey. How would I set it to show some base material coming through?"
Nov 10
Peter Milner replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Adding the decal from fresh using ARDECAL worked, even with my version. Next question: how do I add more than one decal to an object?"
Nov 10
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Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Roy Hirshkowitz's discussion AccuRender Studio
"Sorry-- I was out of town for a few days. You should be able to replace the decal using the ArDecal command and it will handle everything automatically-- just use the png provided. -OR-- If you want to use the material editor you'll need to…"
Oct 30

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