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I am unable to load this into the new version of autocad.  Is there a fix for this??

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We do not have working In AutoCAD 2018 yet.

We will post a reply here when we get it working.

We posted a new install with a new build ov nXtRender that will work with AutoCAD 2018.

it can be downloaded from this page:

Version 0358-QD13. 

I tested this on both a 32 bit and a 64 bit machine, and it seems to be working fine for me.

Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Thank you!

New to NXT. With Autocad 2018, using the download above, I seem to have problems with materials applied to xrefs.

If you're trying to render an older model w/ older materials, you probably need to convert the xrefs individually by going into each drawing.  It's been a while since we've had to do this so I can't quite remember.

I'm using Version 1.0.358, AutoCAD 2018

File mule1.dwg is a new object with a material assigned.

Mule2.dwg xrefs mule1 but doesn't inherit the material and unable to be a material on it.


Type in at the command prompt, "visretain"

then 0 as the default is 1

that way the materials too are updated as the xref files are.




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Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Thorsten Hedrich's discussion Computer restarts
"You can experiment with this setting if you want- sometimes 99% works  fine and slightly improves performance.  Or you can leave it alone-- these heat shutdowns are not really very good for a computer."
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"Super! Another useful lesson learned. Thanks Roy!"
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"Abracadabra; adjusting 'Maximum Processor State' (in 'Processor Power Management') -so it does not exceed 95% of its capabilities seems to be doing the trick - as Roy pointed out. Thanks! Will try new thermal compound anyway -…"
George Ioannidis replied to Thorsten Hedrich's discussion Computer restarts
"Doesn't that mean that turning your CPU 95% down it will run only at 5% of its full horsepower? Does it mean that the rendering will then run 20X longer than of full CPU throttle? Or did you mean to set the CPU usage to 95%? Are those 5% enough…"
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Thorsten Hedrich's discussion Computer restarts
"Turn CPU max down-- usually something like 95% will take care of it."

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