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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

any comments appreciated.

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No comment. Perfect.

reality check....:)

trees bigger in proportion to the building..look the tree leafs

you could do with some texture of the timber.

pool water too blue ... look at nxt library of water,there is a pool water you can use.

sun bathing area tiles look too small. normaly they are 500mm /600mm

I would turn down the sun to 0.75 as the building looks too bright.

that`s just my taste....:)


when the tiles are blue, the water is blue

i said too blue...i didnt say it shouldnt be before you comment

the rendering is even less blue than the picture. 

no  just the angle

in that case, we have different opinions, that's alright with me.

i think we frightened Maciej off :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

dont get wrong ..very nice image....

Mike, no worries...  :-) You didn't. I used to work with AR3 for many years, and didn't produced any renderings for last 5 years. Now, I am trying to re-learn all the tips & tricks. So, any comments appreciated, indeed... 

Technical question: did you use alpha channel transparency for shadows? If yes, there is slight transparency of areas of the building in shadow, through which background image is visible (right to the drainpipe and under the collecting gutter and under the roof trimming). Wall looks semitransparent there.

I prefer to simulate shadows on background image in GIMP rather than using alpha shadow transparency from nXt.

Nice rendering and REALLY nice contemporary architecture.

In my opinion, nXt alpha channel works MUCH MORE EFFICIENT than Matt/Shadow material + occlusion in 3DS Max. Sun effects are much better. Huge PLUS for nXt authors

PS - Less is more, George.. I'm glad you like this sort of architecture.

My mistake - stucco reflects both - hdri sky and picture backround, you can spot it in shadow area. That's why you see "transparent"...

Mike - the same with the "blue water" - blue hdri sky makes it so saturated.

However, I don't mind it, the water could be more blue for me... There are NO sun bath areas, just grass, and the small (200mm) are sloped - such a crazy idea... I just put the house on the background.

Trees are far too  big, indeed. I didn't spot it.  The sun was 1,4 - making it 0,75 would have made the whole building gray instead of white... 

Standard engine, 45 passes, took less than 6 minutes. Model by AutoCAD Architectural 2013, took about 1,5 hours.

In fact, I produced 5 pictures in less than 4 hours, gave it to the client, and... won the contract for 22,5k pounds. The point is that nXt is an awesome software for really fast jobs, when one should care more for the time than for very high detailed elements, reflections, subreflections, etc, etc...




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"Also, when I reduce the strength of the decal, instead of becoming transparent, it becomes grey. How would I set it to show some base material coming through?"
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"Adding the decal from fresh using ARDECAL worked, even with my version. Next question: how do I add more than one decal to an object?"
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