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Though done using different software, I thought it could be shown here. I am not doing interiors very often, so this makes me quite proud :D

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Very nice George!!

Thank you Kypriane.

Wonder when my renderings will be this cool?

Hi Akin, I think such rendering is absolutely achievable in nXt, it's all just matter of how long can someone let it cook. Just take a look at Peter's renderings, he is the real nXt interior master. My simple interior picture, at full HD resolution (1920X1080), took about 3 1/2 hours on GPU (nothing much fancy, AMD R9 380) to complete. For larger pictures there would be a exponential increase of rendering time I suppose. For those not in rush, it's OK, for others it is still too slow I reckon. Maybe one GTX 980 could do the difference though :)

 Well done George. There's a slight problem where the curtains meet the sheers. Must be a mistake in the drawing.

The eye of an expert! Good catch Jan.
The drapery and the net curtain were modeled separately. I didn't check the collision of the two models, so it obviously blend the one into the other. :) Will not correct it though, as customer didn't noticed that at all :D

very nice image George...I like the texture of the sofa...afternoon

Thanx Mike. Here you have a night shot, without the rug though. More warm feel for change :)

nice one... you can fix the ceiling light and make it like the light stand type on the left...which look very realistic...

do you know if there any iPhone apps that lets you view your panoramic image done jpeg....

because lumion has brought out panoramic view 360 which you can view it with goggles moving your head left ,right etc........nxt has 360 panoramic image.... just wondering if you tried that with iPhone goggles...

Umm, nice coincidence Mike :) I wanted to make a panorama for this room, as it is fully modeled. Cycles can produce both equirectangular and fish-eye panoramas. Currently I am looking for some neat free panorama viewer, both for for PC and mobiles.

you can get the goggle too...£20...let me know please if you manage it....

infinite picture....used to be part of ar4




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A user asked about the different ways to add grass to a model. Below are sample renderings showing 3 different approaches, along with links to download the groundcover and material files used.1. Textured Material - Use a material with a grass texture image.This model was rendered by simply using the textured nXt material call Grass-Rye_Dark.ArMaterial.This material is included with the standard nXt Material Libraries that can be downloaded here:…See More
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"Hi Ben, You were absolutely right! I took over a computer that was previously used for rendering by someone else. The Accurender Plant Editor was on the desktop and used as the primary plant editor, so I assumed it was the only one. Thank you so…"
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Groundcover Issues

Hello,I am hoping to get some clarity on how to modify and add groundcover. I have searched everywhere on the forum and online to find how to save a plant as .ArGroundcover, but I cannot find anything. I am using AccuRender Plant Editor and once I finish editing the plant that I want to use as a groundcover, I click "save plant as", but all it allows me to save as is .ArTree. I have a deadline to get this render finished, but I cannot for the life of me figure this out. See More
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"Thanks, I'll check on the first two.  The third is normal behavior-- data conversion stops when the arstudio data is detected.  There is a command to remove the arstudio data which would allow you to start from scratch-- probably not…"
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"Two things don't seem to translate from nXt: Procedural bump and orientation of texture in a material.   Also, if a decal is changed using nXt, Studio continues to display the original decal. Editing the decal in the Studio material pallet…"
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"That sorted it - using the Studio camera and then selecting "Get AutoCAD view"."
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