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Can I install your software on more than one computer with one license?

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The Single User license is valid for one user. However you can install nXrRender on two machines. For instance, you desktop and your laptop, or you main machine and a second machine to use for rendering.


I'm using one on my corei7 main machine "MKA1"

second on my corei5 macbook pro "MKALaptop"

Does it remember my previous bootcamp windows7

Can I check which computers are registered

Can I make RendernXt forget other computers

Please help

I'm running on trial with 3 days expired

When you want to move the license to a different computer, let us know which computer you are going to stop using with nXtRender, and we can help you get the new computer authorized.

Send your information to

I have re installed nXt on my Macbook Pro, after Mavericks Boot Camp disorders.

Now I am getting this reply with addons

d:\program files\accurender nxt\rps_bin\rps_nxtrender_r18_x64.arx cannot find a
procedure that it needs.
AcRxDynamicLinker failed to load 'd:\program files\accurender

I can duplicate this.

I'll see what's causing the problem and post a new install of the nXtRender AddOns.

I posted a new version of the Add-Ons install with fix for the problem that you were having.

Layer Material Schemes, Background Wizard and Render Ready Blocks - Version: NE21

Could you download and try try that?

Does not work with AutoCAD 2015

I'm still working on compiling the Add-Ons to work with AutoCAD 2015.




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"I used your mask (alpha) file as a mask in photoshop and saved out to png."
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