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Were there any changes in the way how e-mails are distributed? For last couple of days I am not receiving any e-mails from nXt forum.... checked my forum settings, checked company SPAM filter  - no problems, but still no nXt mails...

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Not that I'm aware of.  Let me know if it continues.

mea culpa... automatic update of SpamAssasin suddenly decided nXt is dangerous.

I'm getting notifications only for replies from threads I posted something. Nothing seems to be changed here.

It is happening again here - SPAM filter on Kerio Mail Server contains an user defined rule: if msg header contains "", consider it as no spam ... statistics show, that this rule has been used last time 5 days ago - but there were new messages in the meantime (my settings at are set in a way that informs me on all new discussions, so I should have received new mail from ... I just wonder.

Time to get rid of the annoying SPAM filter and try another one?

wtf... I wish it was that simple. surprising is that the only site it has problem with is nXt...

Ho ho ho Ros, profanity does never help. :) Have you ever heard about Murphy's law.... ? :D




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Tibor K. Karsai posted photos
12 hours ago
Rich Hart replied to Paul Jackson's discussion Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD
"There is a bug in the logic to find the version with the closest date to your license number that occasionally finds the farm install instead. You should be able to simply download the install the NK21 or the OA30 version from the link I posted…"
Paul Jackson replied to Paul Jackson's discussion Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD
"Thanks Rich. I also popped-in my license code to the checker, it came up with nXtFarm64_0355.exe Seems to be the render farm though?"
Rich Hart replied to Paul Jackson's discussion Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD
"This page: lists all of the versions of nXt for AutoCAD currently available for download. The version from Nov 2014, NK21, will work with your license bought in 2013."
Paul Jackson posted a discussion

Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD

Is it still possible to download old versions (bought in 2013), of nXt for AutoCAD? Got a new PC, but cannot find my installation file. Thanks.See More
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Peter Milner's discussion Reflected background brightness
"Almost certainly.  A fix may be difficult at this point.  The code has not been touched in years."
Aug 21
Peter Milner posted a discussion

Reflected background brightness

In Accurender I can turn up the brightness of the reflected background, but when I send the same render to the farm, it renders as the default brightness.Possibly an oversight or a bug?See More
Aug 21
Alfons Akamp posted a discussion

Accurender für Bricscad

Es gab vor einiger Zeit mal eine Version Accurender nxt für Bricscad.Wird es das in Zukunft wieder geben z.B. für Bricscad 19 oder 20??Wäre super, denn dann könnte ich meine 3D Modelle die ich mit Accurender rendere auch mit Bricscad rendern.See More
Aug 15

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