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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

This is a new content library we have been working on for blocks with predefined lighting settings and material settings.

Note: This is in "Beta Test". We want o hear your feedback, and also get you advice or submissions for some Render Ready content we can add to the on-line library.

The idea is to store content on the web, which can easily be loaded into AutoCAD and used for rendering as is - or you can make changes as desired.

For example, here are some ceiling lights we have uploaded:

Here are some ceiling lights:

AutoCAD Render Ready-23.jpg

Here are some other lights:

AutoCAD Render Ready.jpg

Rendering with nXtRender

After clicking Create/Place and rendering the model, here are the downloaded lights in action.

AutoCAD Render Ready-2.jpg

Download and Installation

You can download the nXtRender Add-ons from:

nXtRender Add-ons

After they are installed, they will appear on the Plugins Ribbon, or you can type in: RPS_AC_RENDER_READY


  • Some lights, such as the wall lights will require you to set the AutoCAD UCS to the desired wall for placement.
  • Currently, if you re-install nXtRender, you will need to re-install the nXtRender Add-ons as well.

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Thanks Garret

Garret can you guive us a example how you get it and were you found the intaled files folder to activate the app.

After downloading and installing, it will automatically load as a Plugin for AutoCAD 2013 or AutoCaD 2012 with SP2 installed.

Otherwise, for AutoCAD 2010 through 2012, you will need to load one of these ARX modules before the functions will work:


      nXtRender_load_R18_x64.arx   (for 64 bit machines)

They can be loaded from a sub-folder named RPS_BIN wherever you have AccuRender nXt installed, usually:

      C:\Program Files\AccuRender nXt\RPS_BIN

Are you able to load the ARX  nXtRender_load_R18_x64.arx using APPLOAD?

If so, then you should be able to type in NXTB to load a dialog to choose the Addon functions.

The plug-in worked automatically. I did not have to do anything else.

I don't know if it makes a difference that I had the lastest build (329).

doesn't work. No RPS loaded - unable to load (Acad Architectural 2013, Win 7, build 329)

64 bit?


All seems to work well here also.

acad13, win xp64.  Will try on acad11 later.


Loaded the latest nXtrender program (329) and the latest addon (MH07xa) on my acad2010 system.

After loading the nXtRender_load_R19_x64.arx program and the NXTB command, the dialog box shows.  The layer name section seems to work OK but the lighting blocks looks for a internet access and locks up.  Am I to assume that a internet access is required on the cad work station?  I do not have direct access to the internet for security reasons. 

On my Acad2013 system with access to the internet, I run the addon fine.  On the 2010 system, I do not find the blocks on the hard drive.  Should I?



Yes, that routine works by downloading the models from the internet. The idea there is that as we add more content on the internet, it will automatically show up in the dialogs.

We'll have to fix it so that it doesn't lock up if there is no internet access. We can also have it look for the files on your hard drive, if you have already downloaded them.

I posted a new version of this with, hopefully, a fix for those who are running AutoCAD 2013 and haven't been able to get the new Addon functions to load.

You can download this new version, MH07, from the downloads page:

If the modules for these functions are not being automatically loaded as a Plugin, you can run APPLOAD and load one of these modules (these modules are for AutoCAd 2013 and 2014 only):



      nXtRender_load_R19_x64.arx   (for 64 bit machines)

They can be loaded from a sub-folder named RPS_BIN wherever you have AccuRender nXt installed, usually:

      C:\Program Files\AccuRender nXt\RPS_BIN

If they load successfully, then you should be able to type in NXTB to load a dialog to choose the Addon functions.

Now its good!!!!!




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