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In light of the new nXt organisational changes, does anyone feel it would be a good idea to organise the forum into categories such as:

Rendering Software (Roy)

User Interface and Post Processing (Al)

Rendering Advice and Comment (Everyone)

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I quite agree.

There you go again, Peter.  Always thinking.


Drat! That's another New Year resolution broken.

I wonder if there will be a category showing a thorough description of the tools available and the expected results when disturbed from there default settings. 

Examples of lighting changes, or the results of changing settings in the material dialog boxes.  I'm never sure what will happen (or what should happen) when I move some of the material slides.

Often, Roy will state, or recommand, leaving some settings alone.  I begin to wonder if they have any general use at all.  Confused in Renderland.



Excellent idea Peter. I also think a section on documentation would be very helpful.

Good idea Peter, I'm agree!!!!!!!

I am going to switch to Category View for a week or so and see what we think.

Also, I am trying to decide whether the three platforms for nXtRender  - AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp - should have their forums as categories in the same place (e.g. here), or whether they should be three separate forums.

Some questions are very platform specific, but some questions will apply equally well to all platforms.

I am going to put the Revit forum here as a category and see how that works for all of us. If having a category for Revit is too confusing, let me know.

With categories it is more important to see the recent activity together with the forum, so I have moved the activity summary from the left column (Main page only) to the right column (all tabs)

That will make it easier to see the latest activity in all categories.

We have been using Categories for a couple of weeks - any thoughts or comments?

Gives a lot to read on the forum, confusing at first, but you get your way around it, color indication will help, (especially on the activity summary on the right) for the various category if possible.

Another category, "Gallery" should be added. I love the "corner bar"  must confess.

Instead, how about "Work in Progress" for people to show images which they are not ready to put into the real gallery yet.

As a member of several other rendering fora I would like to suggest at least the following categories:

1.Accurender for Autocad

1.1 Announcements and news (it should be locked for users)

1.2 Work in progress

1.3 Completed jobs

1.4 Point of exchange (for shearing bitmaps, materials, models, lisps and so on)

1.5 Tutorials

1.6 General discussions and off topics

the same grouping tree could be there for nXt for SU and Revit and any other main branch of the basic renderer.  Of course there should be normal-bold or light-dark indication of what is new or what is important (by putting category icons or signs before the topic) etc.


What do you mean by "corner bar"?




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