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I am try to achieve something close to this or better.  Could the gurus of the forum chip in?

Thanks in advance.

Two views namely view 1 and 2 are set up in the attached autocad file. 

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3 things make this:

1. Modelling - Although the model looks simple, notice the detail: The light fittings, the air con panels, the join lines on the desk, the slightly rounded edges.

2. Materials - The correct amount of gloss, reflection and sheen on different materials.

3. Lighting - There are lots of different types of light sources at varying strengths creating interest and a lot of ambient reflected light. Having white walls, ceiling and floor also helps.

Also, because there is so little light in your model, if you use Path Tracer (which gives the best results), it will take forever to resolve.

I would also build my model as a totally enclosed space rather than leaving large gaps in the walls. This may help to add more reflected light into the scene.

Will enclose the mode as advised. The materials I believe I can tweak, comments and suggestion welcomed. The issue is the lighting.  What parameter/type of light achieve this effect and that. 

Usually when time is an issues as this needs to be tidy up this weekend for presentation on Monday, experimental is usually not an attractive option. Absolute are often the best. 

Generally, you need more light in there, particularly if you want to speed things up.

This small path tracer rendering took over 4 hours to do more than 2600 passes on my 12 core machine. It still looks like it could do with some more. This is because nearly all the light is reflectd rather than direct.

The dark corners and edges are typical of insufficient light.

Thanks will populate with more lights, tweak materials and fire up the oven.

Model now closed and several lights later still far from what I want, even tweak the materials some. Here is a link to the updated model.

One good advice I read on net (another renderer's forum):

Remove the wall BEHIND the camera and leave the room opened to that direction. That way nXt wouldn't calculate the light coming just from the ceiling and other artificial internal light sources, but it will light the room with light (only indirect, not the sun of course) coming from the outside space behind the camera. Not really tried it by myself though.

Also try to use IES lights instead of simple spot light. Use path tracer rather than packet one.

Where can I source good IES lights online?

Don't remove walls if you want to do a simulation.  The lighting is greatly affected by a trick like that.  Indoor lighting is often all about the indirect lighting.  IES lights are likely unnecessary here.  The spot light should be OK.

For higher quality (but potentially (much) longer render times), the Path Tracer or Hybrid engines are better choices.

Mi pequeña contribucion. 300 pases 

Apart from firing it up in the oven, what else did you do? Any work on the materials or lights?

En tu correo podras encontrar el archivo con las pqeueñas modificaciones..... te adelanto: cambie algunos materiales, baje las luminarias, cree materiales con iluminacion propia, 

Just did nothing there, pray I have not deleted by mistake should it end up in Spam, could you please send it again.

Ha, just refreshed and see it. Downloading now thanks!




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