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I have 3dface in AutoCad which will be a carpet.

I have used AutoCad's standard material Rug Knotted, which is tiled onto the Face.

I editted the material so that it was the size of the 3dFace, and it appears correctly in AutoCad. But nxtRender offsets the material so that you see the joint between tiles.

What am I doing wrong?

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Maybe you could show us a small part of the image what is happening...

here they are


AutoCAD has some mapping modes which we don't have-- I'm guessing (although I'm not sure)-- that that's what's going on in your case.  Use the QuickMap option in our Materials pane to change the origin of the mapping.

Tried using QuickMap - it isn't that instinctive. In fact couldn't make it work.

I would definitely do that using decal.

not sure what a decal is. After all, I'm only an architect.

Is it a bitmap applied to a surface?

Yes, or a jpeg or tiff or whatever.

Select the object and then, go to the Accurender Object Properties tab.

Right click in the Decals box and select New Planar Decal.

Find the image you require, select the origin point, then a point on the Y axis and finally a point on the X axis.

Reselect the object and the decal appears in the Object Properties box. Right click on it if you want to change any settings.

Metaphorically, in rendering, it means, that you take a picture (bitmap) and you stick it to a surface like you do with commercial self adhesives. And as the applied bitmap is usually rectangular, it will fit to a rectangular surface with the same (or near the same) width/height aspect without distortion. If the object you are applying a decal to isn't rectangle but some other shape, parts of applied bitmap will be cropped off.

The quick map tool is purely for changing the orientation and origin of a material. Great for floor and ceiling tiles.

You select the object, select the origin, choose the plane (x,y=floor y,z=left face x,z=front face) and type in the rotation of the texture (0 for default)

As George said, the best way to do a rug is by using a decal.

Thanks to all. I now have a nice silk Turkish carpet




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