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advanced rendering for AutoCAD

We have released a new version of nXtRender for AutoCAD - version 0343-NI04

This release includes both some Core Engine changes and some User Interface changes.

Version Numbers

343 is the nXt engine version number like we have been using in the past. NI04 is the release date (N=2014, I=September 04=day of month). This longer version number lets us have several UI change releases per base engine release and still keep track of them.

Licensing and Renewals

Everyone who purchased or renewed nXtRender anytime in 2013 or 2014 will be able to use this, and all new releases in 2014 without having to renew their license. (Normally you need to renew you license after 12 months to use new versions).

People who have not upgraded to nXtRender from AccuRender nXt (AR5) will need to renew their license to use this version. See: Renewals

New Features

- A few core changes have been made since the last version, such as a fix where the Hybrid engine interior simulation direct sunlight soft shadows was not resolving properly.

- You can now drag and drop materials from File Explorer into the nXt Material Pallet

- Lighting Channel was added as a column for the Lights list.
- And you can now sort the Light list by clicking on any column header.

- You can now sort the Layer Material list by clicking on any column header.

Additional new Features

We are working on the list of requested features and changes in this post:

Wishlist & Interface Updates

If there are other things you would like, add them to that post.

Downloads and Trials

You can download the latest version from:

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NI10 still crashes here with a file that renders fine in 338. Layer Scheme won't load either.

What version of AutoCAD? And 32 or 64 bit?

ACA2014 64bit

Do you, or anyone else, still have a drawing that was crashing N104?  I need to reproduce a crash to get this fixed.

Here's a small file that will crash me right to the desktop when I try to render. It rendered fine previously. 

If you try to edit any of the materials in the file with a map, it will crash to the desktop as well.

EDIT: Seems the file upload didn't work. Trying again.

If you need more, I have quite a few.

2nd try

EDIT: File upload doesn't seem to be working. File is under 5mb. Any other way to get it to you?

Try If that doesn't work I'll get the Renderplus folks to figure out an upload.

File sent.

Got it thanks-- not crashing, unfortunately.

Hmm, crashes instantly here on 343-NI04 & NI10. It did not crash on anything prior to 338.

I have other files in my library that I use daily that will crash with either of these builds. They, too, don't crash on 338 or earlier.

Yeah-- don't worry-- just trying to determine who's code is crashing and what the circumstances might be.  Which Acad and what OS are you using?

I'm using Win7 64bit and ACA2014.




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