AccuRender nXt

advanced rendering for AutoCAD

This is the first preview of the new nXtRender Batch.

You should only try this if you are adventuresome, and willing to make your way through some undocumented stuff. and not get mad at Rich and I if some things are not working properly.

If you want to try this, you can download it from here:

And just install it.

This is Beta Test Add-on to nXt and AutoCAD at this point. Later it will be integrated into the nXt install. It should work with most recent versions of nXt. And it should work for AutoCAD 2010-2014 (We haven't tested every possible combination yet)

After downloading, you will get a .ZIP file with a message like this:

Click on the message to install it.

New Ribbon

After installation, a new Ribbon should appear in AutoCAD


The Race car loads the nXt sidebar menu (the same as typing in nXt).

Help Button

The ? loads an about box:

(The 'Synch Options' button on the bottom will import some settings made while rendering, but not material changes (yet) from the nXtRender Batch Renderer)

Render Button

The green button will extract your current model and save it to the disk for use with the Batch Rendering process.

After Extract, the Batch Renderer will load as a separate process with this dialog:

You can set the render size, number of passes, etc.

And then start rendering.

I will add more documentation here later, but for now you may need to just try some things out.

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Updated to build 321 and works with ribbon and have to type, "NXT_BATCH_RENDER" at command prompt without ribbon.

For we none ribbon folks  we need a floating or dock-able toolbox. 

No new ribbon too, I using AC 2013, 32bits,  and nxt version 321.

Should work for you either way. Type, 'NXT_BATCH_RENDER" at command prompt with the ribbon.  It is not with AutoCad 2012, ribbon or no ribbon.

can i run this on autocad 2008; 64bit

if possible, can you tell me how?

thank you

No. So far, we've only built it to run with AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2012 w/ service pack 2.

does that mean that the 2008 platform got abandoned by the NXT Render?

 you will have commands NXT_BATCH_RENDER and NXT_BATCH_INFO loaded, the 2 commands behind the buttons on the ribbon.

Could the command line be shorten to, 'nxtb' for batch render and 'nxtm' for the material layer scheme. The need to reduce the depth of digging via appload and just have toolboxes instead.

Also the need to have the files written somewhere closer for later rendering like within the folder where the drawing is presently located.

Is the system still working or do I need the three key salute?

Cried Wolf too early. Its working now. 

Ha! My RPC's now working, any development towards this area?

Clicking on the Advance button in the Edit material dialog spits out this error.

For what it's worth, running Acad 2011 and latest nXt version, loading all the required programs listed earlier and running nxt_batch_render, the render window loaded.  When I ran Render, after a short time I received a "Unhandled Access Violation".  At least the program tried.  I assume 2012 is not, or will not be supported?



I only compiled the batch render modules with the SDK for AutoCAD 2012 and 2013.

I didn't expect it to work in AutoCAD 2011 yet. 

It should work in AutoCAD 2012, if the service pack 2 is installed. I tested that on 4 machines here.




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