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We have released a new version of nXtRender for AutoCAD - version 0343-NI04

This release includes both some Core Engine changes and some User Interface changes.

Version Numbers

343 is the nXt engine version number like we have been using in the past. NI04 is the release date (N=2014, I=September 04=day of month). This longer version number lets us have several UI change releases per base engine release and still keep track of them.

Licensing and Renewals

Everyone who purchased or renewed nXtRender anytime in 2013 or 2014 will be able to use this, and all new releases in 2014 without having to renew their license. (Normally you need to renew you license after 12 months to use new versions).

People who have not upgraded to nXtRender from AccuRender nXt (AR5) will need to renew their license to use this version. See: Renewals

New Features

- A few core changes have been made since the last version, such as a fix where the Hybrid engine interior simulation direct sunlight soft shadows was not resolving properly.

- You can now drag and drop materials from File Explorer into the nXt Material Pallet

- Lighting Channel was added as a column for the Lights list.
- And you can now sort the Light list by clicking on any column header.

- You can now sort the Layer Material list by clicking on any column header.

Additional new Features

We are working on the list of requested features and changes in this post:

Wishlist & Interface Updates

If there are other things you would like, add them to that post.

Downloads and Trials

You can download the latest version from:

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We put a 0337-NI12 version on the downloads page - which has the new UI features, but with an older Core Engine. There was a bug in the 343 Core Engine, so we pulled it and went back to 337 until we can get it fixed.

All XA licenses are valid until at least the end of the year.

I would be greate to create a plant (tree) with two (or more...) leaf types, I mean different png or jpg bitmap files, so the tree look more realistic as the 1st plan object...

Any chance for that in the future?  :-)



Post that over on the wishlist thread:

Wishlist & Interface Updates

I posted a new version, 0337-NI12, on the download page, that has these new UI features, but was built with the 0337 toolkit.

I tested it with 5 versions of AutoCAD, on both my 32 and 64 bit machines and it all seems to be working here. I was able to render the model that was sent to me which was crashing in the version that we posted with the 0343 toolkit, and the Layer Schemes dialog opens fine for me in all of the AutoCAD versions I tested from 2010 through 2015.

Please try this version if you had a problem with the previous version posted.

Habe soeben die neue Version 0337-NI12 herunter geladen.

Werde die jetzige Version komplett entferen, Rechner neustarten und dann installieren.

Werde berichten, ob das alles ohne Probleme läuft, oder ob Autocad crashed.

Habe die neue Version 0337-NI12 64 Bit istalliert und einige Stunden getestet.

Ergebnis ist leider negativ.

Der Rechner mit Acad 2011 und 32 GB Arbeitsspeicher ist zwar nicht abgestürzt aber eingefroren.

Acad hat immer 4 Bilder gerechnet und ist beim 5. Bild eingefroren. Selbst der Taskmanager und auch die Maus geben dann kein Lebenszeichen mehr von sich.

Ob es jetzt an meinem Rechner oder an Accurender 0337-NI12 liegt, weiss ich nicht.

Ich werde jetzt wieder die alte Version 337 installieren.

Warum passiert das?? Why????

Renders fine here no issues.

With the Layer Schemes I get, '

c:\program files\accurender nxt\rps_bin\rps_nxtrender_r20_x64.arx cannot find a dll or other file that it needs.
AcRxDynamicLinker failed to load 'c:\program files\accurender nxt\rps_bin\rps_nxtrender_r20_x64.arx'
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2015\acad.exe_.RPS_AC_LAYER_MATERIALS
Unknown command "RPS_AC_LAYER_MATERIALS". Press F1 for help.'

Tried apploading the, ' rps_nxtrender_r20_x64.arx ' and it say unable to load

All this on Wins 8 (64 bits) AutoCad 2015.

Will give it a shot on AutoCad 2014 now.

Same issue on AutoCad 2014, only here it is asking for, 'rps_nxtrender_r19_x64.arx' which is unable to load should I tried to manually.

Does rps_nxtrender_r19_x64.arx load for you if you open 



when I do that, I can open Layer Material Schemes - window !

Yes it does.




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Rich Hart replied to Paul Jackson's discussion Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD
"There is a bug in the logic to find the version with the closest date to your license number that occasionally finds the farm install instead. You should be able to simply download the install the NK21 or the OA30 version from the link I posted…"
Paul Jackson replied to Paul Jackson's discussion Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD
"Thanks Rich. I also popped-in my license code to the checker, it came up with nXtFarm64_0355.exe Seems to be the render farm though?"
Rich Hart replied to Paul Jackson's discussion Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD
"This page: lists all of the versions of nXt for AutoCAD currently available for download. The version from Nov 2014, NK21, will work with your license bought in 2013."
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Old versions of nXt for AutoCAD

Is it still possible to download old versions (bought in 2013), of nXt for AutoCAD? Got a new PC, but cannot find my installation file. Thanks.See More
Roy Hirshkowitz replied to Peter Milner's discussion Reflected background brightness
"Almost certainly.  A fix may be difficult at this point.  The code has not been touched in years."
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Reflected background brightness

In Accurender I can turn up the brightness of the reflected background, but when I send the same render to the farm, it renders as the default brightness.Possibly an oversight or a bug?See More
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Accurender für Bricscad

Es gab vor einiger Zeit mal eine Version Accurender nxt für Bricscad.Wird es das in Zukunft wieder geben z.B. für Bricscad 19 oder 20??Wäre super, denn dann könnte ich meine 3D Modelle die ich mit Accurender rendere auch mit Bricscad rendern.See More
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