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FYI-- I've been working recently on three major areas.

  1. Work continues on the "Cloud rendering" front.  We're going to try this out as simply as possible first, with single frame Path Tracings where the user specifies # of cores and minutes.  A prototype is already running.  I think it's reasonable to anticipate a beta program early next year.
  2. The stand-alone nXt Studio project continues to move forward.  Currently the Material Editor is being redesigned in order to bring the product more inline with some industry standards.
  3. I'm taking a week or so to research a new engine, one that combines Path Tracing, some aspects of the original engine, and automatic caustics.  I should have a "proof of concept" up and running in a matter of days.  The results of that should determine whether this is worth exploring more. 

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Roy, well done, I will waiting for you, thank you!

Great news Roy! Good job!

I have always been very impressed with the constant development of Accurender to make it better and faster.

It is this attitude which keeps existing users loyal as well as bringing in new business (unlike some other software developers I could mention who just tamper with the UI and add a few bells and whistles).

I look forward to testing anything new when it's ready.

Thanks Roy

Everytime I voice different opinion from others I do not feel quite right... now it is even worse as I know how much we benefit from the overall direction where nXt is heading.

But I must say that UI would definitely benefit from some tampering here and there and that some bells and whistles might add greatly to the overall productivity.

OTOH - cannot wait for the new engine - fingers crossed for the concept.


Thanks, Roy.

Thanks for the updates. They all sounds all good. I especially like 3. I sometimes end up using both renderers according to client/image type/end quality required etc and Photoshop helps. The separate channel lighting is a big time winner.

Exciting news. Keep up the excellent work Roy, we are all looking forward to get all these goods.

Good luck, Roy! The god of the light be with you... ;)

Fantastic job Roy...Thank you...The stand-alone nXt Studio project looks great...

The redesign of the ME is it across board or for the SA version only?

Don't know yet.

Is the nxt Studio being designed to import a variety of CAD formats or just DWG? Any ideas when it may be released as I'm wondering whether to hold off buying until then or just get nxt for AutoCAD now. Thanks.

It's still in a "research" stage.  I'll likely release an early version of the thing on the forum here for people to play with in the coming months.  It has it's own format which you can write from AutoCAD.  It likely will be much simpler than the AutoCAD product but with fewer options.




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